Sunday, November 21, 2010

The AMAs: Another Awards Show's Excuse for Fashion Success and Suicide

From NKOTBSB's explosive performance to Bieber and Usher's leather jacket partnership, the American Music Awards' nominees and/or legendary stars have reinvented their own list of "do's" and "dont's." And, no, Lady Gaga wasn't responsible for ANY of this!

Not only does Avril look a little constipated here (I'm assuming everyone reading this knows what that means, because I really don't want to explain it), but she reeks of bad zebra print judgement. Better luck next time, Avril.

New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys (sans Kevin) reunion(s) = totally awesome! Their matchy costume attire and looked-good-when-they-could-move-like-youth choreography? = Ehh, not soo much :)

Katy Perry brings out her famous pearly whites, porcelain glow, and full decolletage recipe in this iridescent, pastel pink diamond-and-flower-like strapless frock.

As for Kesha....well, she shocked with sexy-messy hair, glitter&glam, and cut-out fabric - as per usual.

Oh Miley, I prefer you with your more slutty punk-dominatrix-whatever get-ups, though I surprisingly like the cashmere toilet paper dress in that commercial (What? It's soft, easy to slip out of, and makes for an inexpensive wedding gown), and I applaud Miley for emulating it.

Nicki Minaj, I may not be able to see majority of your outfit, but I have decided - that's because this is probably your entire outfit (you predictably don't leave much to the imagination), and you look like a pink dragon here. Sorry, next!

As much as I can see through (literally and metaphorically) Rihanna's classic Whitney do and JLo-inspired lace gown, I do appreciate the flashback. Thank you, Rihanna.

Not sure if the full bangs are too harsh for Taylor Swift's cute little face, but the shiny disco ball she's wearing sure is groovy. Get it? Groovy? No? Anyone?

Hi, my name is Will.I.Am, and I'm soooo cool and creative, because I'm sporting an exclusive lego-covered hat. That's right - lego! I can finally reach out to a younger audience and entice my older one. Oooh, ahhh.
Ok, it's over. Jokes, Willz, I love you :)

I feel bad for picking on someone so young and I acknowledge her risks all in the name of being fashion-forward, but come on, Willow Smith - what the H-E-double hockey sticks are you wearing? (Remember, PG-rated language here, even though it spells out to be...oh well....).

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