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"How rude!" If you were alive in the 90s - and NOT living under a rock - you would've recognized this expression from the voice of the sweet and innocent "Stephanie" on Full House, one of the longest-running TV shows up to date. Playing "Stephanie" from about the age of 5 till 13, Jodie Sweetin has seen herself grow with her character, on and off screen. But, afterwards - in 1995, when Full House made its prime time departure - Jodie realized in her own identity (apart from Stephanie) in the other forms of a university education, TV cameo appearances, and - sadly - crystal meth. With all that - plus divorce and a new baby - I just had to chat with Jodie about her UnSweetin-ed memoir and life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

V.B. You started in the entertainment industry at an early age. Do you remember anything about it at all? What was it like being a child star?

J.S. I loved what I did! I told my mom when I was little that I wanted to be on TV, so I started doing commercials and other things. From there, I did a guest appearance on a TV show called Valerie, and that was how I was casted on Full House. Very lucky! But, I really enjoyed performing and growing up doing what I did.

V.B. For 8 years, you played the lovable "Stephanie" on Full House. Being an avid watcher of the show myself, I see you were mostly a young child at the time, but I also saw your character go through some issues i.e. peer pressure to smoke, seeing a friend who was abused by his dad, etc. What would you say are your most memorable moments, episodes, etc.? Could you relate to your character at all? Would you say there was any one (or more) thing(s) on the show that really affected you or how you lived your life off the show?

J.S. The fun think about Stephanie was that she had a little bit of an attitude - not in a bad way, but she definitely had some "spunk"! I don't know if there were really any things that I took from Stephanie's life and applied to my own, since my parents did a good job. But, she was certainly a fun character to play for 8 seasons!

V.B. Being on the same show for 8 years, you really get to know your cast and crew. Have you stayed in touch with anyone from the show?

J.S. We all stay in close contact. We are truly a family, even after all these years!

V.B. You made quite a few guest appearances on 90s shows, like Brotherly Love and Party of Five. Did you have any particularly interesting roles there?

J.S. (Laughs). Brotherly Love was me playing a total nerd; that was fun and totally different than anything I've done before. I enjoyed doing Party of Five as well. I really just love acting, so anything that gets me in front of the camera keeps me having fun!

V.B. You also decided to go to university. Did you find anything else you were interested in that you wouldn't mind pursuing later on in life or in the nearby future?

J.S. I actually got my B.A. in Elementary Education, so who knows... maybe I'll decide to go back to that one day!

V.B. Obviously, this is a hard question to ask you, but how did your struggle with ice/crystal meth come up? Was there anything in particular that made you want to turn to these drugs?

J.S. It was a lot of things, actually. It's never just one thing that really leads someone into that. I was lucky enough to get to tell my story in my book UnSweetined. I've been sober since December 2008 though and was able to put my life back on track - even better than before!

V.B. What were Port City and Pants-Off, Dance-Off about? What were your roles in them like?

J.S. Port City was a film I shot in North Carolina that's been entered in several film festivals. It was the first film that I did. I felt it was an opportunity to do something different and see what film was like. I loved it! I was the main character's sister and she, like Stephanie, had a little bit of a mouth to her as well. PODO was a show on Fuse TV (a music network) that was silly and outrageous and sort of had a cult following. You either loved it or hated it - I personally loved it! I got to be a lot edgier in that show than I had before. It was fun for people to see me as something so the opposite of Stephanie!

V.B. You have been through divorce and remarrying. What have you learned from those experiences, in terms of your love life and life in general? What's your view on serial monogamy/cheating, especially with celebs in the media? Do you believe humans can stay with one person for the rest of their lives?

J.S. Well, I've learned a lot in my relationships. I've also learned that I got into some for the very wrong reasons. I'm now in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend Morty Coyle and have truly never been happier. I did have to do a lot of work on my self before I even thought about getting involved with someone after my last marriage. As far as celebrity relationships, it's hard enough to keep things good between "normal" people, let alone when press and paparazzi are in your business. But, I think it can be done. It's all about growing together and having a mutual respect. Because after all the passion and intensity dies down - after a period of time - you must ultimately enjoy the person who you're with. Morty and I are now expecting a child soon, and my life is just blessed because of it.

V.B. You also had a beautiful baby daughter, Zoie. How has she changed your life and perspective? And how did you lose the baby weight?

J.S. She changed everything!!!! I would do anything in the world for her, and my life just has more meaning and beauty in it, being a mom. I've realized it really is the simple things - like watching her play and spending time with her. Those are the most important things in life. As far as losing the baby weight, I did the Nutrisystem plan and worked out after my first pregnancy. With this second one, I really haven't gained as much weight - only about 21 lbs - so it should be much easier to lose. I hope to get back into Pilates and dance to get in shape!

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Since Facebook doesn't listen to reported online hate groups but gives a fart about glamour models posting pictures of themselves in bikinis, this doesn't really surprise me.

According to Toronto Star, two Canadians make up just a fraction of the 11 individuals arrested for supposedly participating in an almost global child pornography ring that ran through Facebook.

However, Australian officials are angry at Facebook, which they say had found the profiles of these criminal activities but kept on neglecting to tell police.

The arrests, announced Friday by Australian police, consist of half a dozen people in Britain, three in Australia and a couple in British Columbia — one in Vancouver, one in Kelowna.

It has been claimed that the men created Facebook accounts under counterfeit identities to exchange thousands of pictures and videos of “adults and children engaged in sexual behaviour,” said Neil Gaughan of the Australia Federal Police.

They know Facebook were aware of these profiles, since they ended up removing them, Gaughan told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Facebook had cancelled the suspects’ online accounts, he said, but their profiles had been re-established within hours.

Facebook’s “lack of cooperation and their lack of proactive assistance to law enforcement could lead to a child assaulted,” Gaughan said.

Australian police said an undercover officer created a Facebook profile and was then cyber-encountered by one of the suspects.

The investigation, called Project Ocean, started in March in assistance with the RCMP, British authorities and the FBI.

British sex offender Ian Green, the assumed group’s boss, has been locked up for four years for distributing over 100,000 inappropriate photos of children.

The 45-year-old pleaded guilty to a extension of charges pertaining to creating, having, and sharing pictures of abused children. In Green’s trial, the court heard that he implemented 11 individual Facebook accounts to send the images.

There isn't much info about the two Canadian suspects, except that police in Kelowna and Vancouver overlooked the Canadian involvement in the investigation.

No names or ages have been mentioned. One of the males has been charged with four counts regarding child exploitation, while an investigation is still in the works concerning the second suspect.

How could Facebook not react any sooner? Sure, Facebook users have to be at least 13, but many lie about their age to register for the well-liked social networking site. Facebook can't be be blamed for criminal minds, but how does that saying go? Evil aren't those who do evil but those who witness evil and do nothing about it. Criminals may not be able to control their actions with a mental instability, so it's up to us to get them the help they need and the punishment they (might) deserve. Come on, Facebook! Man up!

As for those who are being victimized, please be careful as to who you trust on the internet.

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Oh do I have a ton of jokes to crack about this - or what?

Apparently, I only expected promotional models and Hooters/Moxies shootergirls/waitresses to sell their "sex appeal" in this sort of way (trust me, I've heard stories), but not a business woman, vixen-type Christina Hendricks who complains about sexual harassment (like in the hit series "Mad Men").

What a double standard. In a patriarchal society, men still believe they can dominate women. Even though women now work and bear children in this day and age, society's past still raises an effect on how men perceive the opposite sex, unless women find this type of sexual harassment to be empowering. I mean, they can lure men with their ASS-ets to notice their other assets qualify for a higher position in a company, while men take advantage of the women's willingness to succeed, as a means to get off. Remember that saying from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. "The man may be the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants." Or can she?

According to The Star, sex with the boss can still be implemented to aid a woman's ambition in a company. But, companies and the people involved risk the consequences, according to new research.

Some 15 per cent of executive women asked by the New York-based Center for Work-Life Policy confess to becoming intimate with a higher-up.

And 37 per cent of the women think such scandals lead to job promotions and other benefits, the investigation also discovered.

The question was pricked and pried for a more expansive study that assesses how a boss influences in amping a woman’s career by recommending her for major "work" projects.

They do research and join forces with employers to establish rules that encourage "work-life balance."

The entire study won't be complete or released until later this fall, but centre president Sylvia Ann Hewlett exposed chosen results in her blog this week in the Harvard Business Review online.

She was putting her two-cents in on the effect of the controversy at Hewlett Packard Co. on ambitious women.

Hurd quit earlier this month as chief executive officer after an H-P investigation discovered he was personally involved with Jodie Fisher, a contractor who got many "inappropriate payments" from the company.

Such incidents can indirectly sabotage all accomplished female executives if it means less male leaders hiring or promoting them, says Hewlett, an economist, author and director of the gender and policy program at Columbia University. Could this be because the women in these incidents give the rest of us women a bad name or a sexy standard we are expected to adhere to under a male boss's authority?

The likelihood of a woman rising to the top are low without a high ranking boss who can advise and promote them, Hewlett indicates. (So, again, the usually "male" boss is in charge here).

She suggests companies note more strict regulations, legal settlements in sexual harassment cases to be more practical, and people i.e. workers to act more cautiously.

“Hitting on a female colleague is never okay. And up-and-coming executive women need to exercise similar restraint,” Hewlett wrote.

As well, 60 per cent of male executives and 65 per cent of female executives presume the woman involved is acquiring salary increases and high-end projects in trade for sexual favours, the survey demonstrated.

So, basically, from this article, I've learnt that sexual harassment - or you - might not be taken seriously, if you succumb to the pressure to have sex with a boss for more money, work, whatever. A little like prostitution, but without the street-walking. Or a little like sexual harassment, if the boss coerces her in a position of power, but the woman doesn't say "no" (because she's scared or smells opportunity). Which one is it? Where do we draw the line?


Well, I guess he already has an abundance of women lined up from his previous affairs to be contestants for next season!

ABC has actually been taking seriously the sarcasm assumed on how Tiger Woods should be the next Bachelor - so seriously that it could literally become a reality.

Former Bachelorette contestant Chris Lambton and American Idol's Casey James have both rejected deals to be featured on the program, but then an ABC producer exclusively revealed to that they have contacted Tiger's reps about making an appearance on the show.

Wow, you'd think The Bachelor would symbolize the "ideal" man - attractive, intelligent, romantic, funny, LOYAL. Yet, the show's idea of an "ideal" man is someone who cheats on his wife with various women, breaks up with his first/second choice in front of all national television, or emotionally abuses his fiancee and is reportedly gay. Can you say EPIC FAIL?

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From September 9th-19th, about 500 actors, celebrities, and directors alike will visit TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

The Toronto Star offered the entire lists of stars who are expected to drop by. Out of those lists, here's who you (or, at least, I) care about:

Abigail Breslin
Bill Gates
Bill Murray
Blake Lively
Bruce Springsteen
Clive Owen
  Colin Firth
Connor Paolo
Craig Roberts
David Suzuki
Ellen Page
Emma Roberts
Emma Stone
Hilary Swank
James Franco
Jay Baruchel
Jennifer Connelly
Josh Hartnett
Kat Dennings
Keanu Reeves
Kelly Preston
Kevin Spacey
Liv Tyler
Martha Wilson
Matt Damon
Megan Fox
Minnie Driver
Natalie Portman
Nicole Kidman
Olivia Newton-John
Penn Badgley
Robert De Niro
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Reynolds
Sarah Silverman
Uma Thurman
Will Ferrell

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One impromptu, candid video. A video he put up for jokes. Who would have thought a friends-only, inside joke-kinda vid would pull a Justin Bieber and launch a world full of opportunities, including interviewing Toronto celebrities (Karl Wolf, DJ 4Korners etc.) and joining the Anti Giants Comedy Tour. The buff Greek-Italian god boasts as heavyweight city champion for amateur wrestling 2 years in a row (2006 and 2007), not to mention his 80-pound weight loss in a compelling time period of merely 7 months!

Bobby is a creator; his imagination cannot be suppressed by boundaries already met by known organizations or legends. In fact, he wants to start his own business, which he already kinda did. Maybe a real TV talk show is in the works :).

And he's not afraid - and knows how - to ask controversial questions, like nonchalantly interrogating 4korners on if they slept with Paris Hilton, which they eventually admitted to. He jokes around with celebs like they're eachother's confidantes. That's how he gains their trust - as a person and a journalist. His influences, role models - even Sean Kingston - said he was different from the rest - that he was funny - because he didn't try so desperately to impress the industry. Just by being himself, Bobby is enough to lure in the right attention and connections.

If you don't believe me, check out the 2788 friends and 66 Bobby G show videos on his Facebook fan page.

Check out his Facebook group here.!/group.php?gid=2467171580&v=info

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Ok, before I start, I just want to say that this article was in no way written to offend or prejudice any contestant or person in general. Many of the people I did want to see on this Top 25 list were not chosen, and many of the people I wanted to choose out of that Top 25 - didn't make my Top 8. I categorized contestants under certain labels to not stereotype them in a negative way, but to compare and contrast the diversities between different groups of people i.e. race, sexual orientation, personality, etc. Even for someone like me who isn't making the final decision on who the top 8 should be, it's hard, because I have to keep in mind that not only should these people be the most engaging and extraordinary out of the top 25, but there has to be 4 guys and 4 girls, a variety of races, and sexual orientations present. This article should in no way influence you to vote for certain contestants; its purpose is to stimulate insight on what kinds of people and issues we should see on the show - intellectual BUT interesting. In fact, you will probably disagree with most of the contestants I picked; BUT, complete with pictures, videos, and analyses, I will explain why I chose HIM and not HER.

So, let me cut to the chase. Here are the Top 25 divided into their various classified species and the Top 8 I chose in each.

1. THE SUCCESS STORY (Salem Moussallam, Anthony Ionadi, and Vonny "The Ken Doll")

While all Top 25 contestants have accomplished greatness - in one way or another - these 3 contestants have been recognized by the public and the media for specific talents.
Salem Moussallam is a triple threat - a fashionista, dancer, and personal trainer - with a brand that has been sported by international stars like Lady GaGa and Ciara. Anthony Ionadi hosted a show on Global TV called "Teens Dating" and has opened for Toronto   
artists like Danny Fernandes and Choclair. Vonny - or "The Ken Doll," as he refers to
himself is a proud Toronto homosexual who has been interviewed on 103.9 PROUD FM, as well as other miscellaneous radio and media stations.

MY CHOICE: VONNY "THE KEN DOLL." Salem Moussallam and Anthony Ionadi may have rocked the entertainment industry, but can they boast effective results in the reality TV entertainment industry? Meanwhile, Vonny hasn't been given the right opportunity to express his sexuality and opinions - until now. Plus, he has enough "beef" aka drama to grill a hamburger - that hamburger being "Lake Shore!"

2. THE ORIGINAL (Letitia Westguard, Peter "The Pole," and Kali "Kalifornia")
While all Top 25 finalists are so unique that it was difficult for me to all put them under one label, these specific contestants were so unorthodox that they deserved to get their own category. Letitia Westguard nonchalantly rollerbladed into the audition room, attempting to "nurture" the audition judges with water and the like. While very easygoing and casual, her very own way of making an entrance was arguably something she would
 only think of. But, Peter "The Pole" rendered more impressive, telling us he once   scarfed down a 72 ounce steak in 6 minutes 48 seconds and burned it off with regular sweat sessions at the gym, along with all the other calories he intakes as a professional competitive eater. Kali "Kalifornia" is a blonde Greek-Filipina and is as a cute as a button. Enough said.

MY CHOICE: KALI "KALIFORNIA." Sure, Letitia's and Peter's audition tapes were more, uh, "creative" than Kali's nice and subtle means, but Kali possesses that cool and cute Snooki vibe that Lake Shore audiences would be craving.

3. THE SEX BOMB - FEMALE (Karolina Czaja, Anni Mei, and Ruby Moreno)

To be considered for this category, you can't just be particularly beautiful. You need to be sexy, and sexiness isn't just measured by the physical - but mental and behavioural. Anni Mei is a redheaded Asian girl who likes boys and girls - and hooking up in moving cars - AND hooking up doggy-style. If all that's true, Anni Mei is defs a sex bomb. As for Ruby Moreno, her provocative black get-up absolutely screams "Latina dancer/dance teacher,"
 but are her moves on the dance floor just as good as her moves off the dance floor? Meanwhile, Karolina didn't have any trouble macking her female best friend and playing with her friend's breasts on camera.

MY CHOICE: KAROLINA CZAJA. Yeah, yeah. I don't wanna hear it :) You have to kiss and take off your clothes to get on TV these days. Blah, blah, blah. Maybe there's some truth to that, but I can say one thing with confidence: Ruby may have dressed sexy and Anni may have talked sexy, but Karolina (and her friend) did sexy. And, on an audition tape, you can't just "talk the talk;" you have to "walk the walk."

4. THE "CHATTY CATHY" (Robyn Purza, Sibel Atlug, Roxie "Persia")                                                
Most of the Top 25 finalists talked (with Lake Shore judges) on their audition tapes, but some ladies took that term too literally. But, there's nothing wrong with having a strong sense of opinion, and these girls prove it! Robyn Purza motorboated and motormouthed her words to the judges, Sibel Atlug taught us about the Turks and Canadians, and Roxie  "Persia" told us why she's not just another "Snookie."
MY CHOICE: ROXIE "PERSIA." This was actually one of the toughest categories for me to choose. I really loved Robyn's energy and Sibel's wisdom, but "Persia" was brutally honest in how she wasn't your typical Canadian/TV star - and that harsh truth is what we need to stabilize - and mobilize - unsmooth waves on the Lake Shore.

5. THE SEX BOMB - MALE (Mark Suzuki, Arber Daci, Ricky Liorti, and Tommy Hollywood)

              These guys are all sexy, but what makes my finalist stand out the most is his chiseled abs, deep voice, and smooth moves (so, basically, everyone listed here - so, ha, I can't tell you now!) Arber Daci flaunted his body in nothing but boxers at Lake Shore auditions, much like he would at his alleged Cancun Spring Break adventure where he was swarmed by cougars and security in counting. Ricky Liorti may have covered himself clothing-wise, but didn't mind throwing off his sex-scapades in doing an "amateur" adult actress and having possibly multiple foursomes. Mark Suzuki played his field of women and transportation tricks on subways, motorcycles, and streets - to a song, without talking. And, finally, Tommy Hollywood Godfathered his way throughout the gym, the beach, and his car. 

MY CHOICE: TOMMY HOLLYWOOD. So many hot guys, so little time - to decide. While all 4 guys amazed me with their well-endowed appearances, Tommy made me laugh with his hilarious sense of humour - and video. Arber may have managed to cause some shenanigans - even outside the country - but he didn't crack as many jokes as Tommy did. Ricky is pretty hot, and I can see why multiple women and men - including porn stars - would want to hump him, but Tommy actually showed me he picked up a girl at the beach. And Mark was a close call, but can you really audition for a reality show - without speaking a word? Meanwhile, Tommy mixed himself into a Situation and Pauly D-kinda recipe with his waxed, gelled, etc. hair and muscular physique.

6. THE BLOND (Kimberly Kerekes, Easton/Dana Chypak, Ashley Corbett)

Bubbly, boobilicious, and - blond, these blonds really do prove that blonds have more fun! Sweet and sexy, Kimberly Kerekes wants a good man - nothing like her famous ex Justin Rego who two-timed her for 3 years with another girl and Ali on The Bachelorette. Ashley Corbett is a Toronto-like Britney Spears in her pink crop-top and blond hair get-up, but her dancing on top of tables and making out with girls is only a fraction of what Britney's done. And if you can only take one blond, you can't handle the heat of twins Easton and Dana who have worked with eachother - in both good and naughty ways, I'm not sure - but take your head out of the gutter! These girls will not commit family crimes for you!

MY CHOICE: THE TWINS - EASTON AND DANA CHYPAK. Maybe Kimberly would make a convenient finalist - with her history and all - but would The Bachelorette and Lake Shore drama really mesh well together? Or would that just be too much? And while Ashley flashed her breasts like a wild child on the audition tape, she wouldn't make up for two girls. But, if we had to choose one twin - because of an uneven number - I wouldn't know who to choose (only because I can't tell them apart). But if we couldn't split them apart, I would pick Ashley as my second choice.

7. THE TOKEN "BLACK GUY" (Carlos Hayles, Manuel Deon aka "Frenchie So Sexy," Alex Hugh)

Of course, I don't mean the term "token black guy" in a racist way. But, one of the objectives of this show is to bring people of different ethnicities together, so here's one of way of distinguishing it. Carlos Hayles loves the female derriere so much that he created a business out of it - Got Ass, a promotional modelling company with models famous for their bootylicious asses. And as much as guys love ass, I think he's the only guy I've heard of that measures girls' asses. Manuel Deon models for a sport's brand and uses his WHOLE (and I mean, whole) body to work out at the gym, not to mention he raps. But, I don't think he can spit game - talking and rapping - as well as his fellow opponent Alex Hugh, not to mention Alex was willing to show all of his goods streaking at auditions, ironically as opposed to Manuel who probably loves to bare that hot bod of his.

MY CHOICE: MANUEL DEON AKA FRENCHIE SO SEXY. I know I said he doesn't rap or strip like Alex can, but come on - Manuel's a model, and he knows what the ladies want i.e. a firm figure and a sophisticated voice that he can swoon girls with, whispering in their ear or ad-libbing in a song. But, if half-black guys count here, I would probably choose Alex Hugh as second.

8. MISCELLANEOUS (Robby Simpson, Melissa K., Joey Violin)

Ok, especially if your name is listed in this category, you're probably thinking "WTF?" No, no, you're not an insignificant matter that can't be reduced to one integral quality. In fact, you're so versatile, so multi talented that you are a little bit of each of the above characteristics - sexy, smart, successful, in your own special way :) Robby Simpson is a Scottish version of The Situation, which you can see when he's shirtless in the audition tape - and, no, we're not complaining. Melissa K. is a tall, dark Persian promo model who can make a karaoke fan jealous with her chops in Queen's "Somebody to Love." And Joey Violin - dances like to a violin: coherent and harmonious.

MY CHOICE: ROBBY SIMPSON. Why? Well, we needed another guy to balance out the girls (so sorry, Melissa) and a Ronny to balance out The Situations in the house (sorry, Joey).


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last Top 25 finalist Mark Suzuki showed us on his videotape why he would be intrinsic to Lake Shore's path to stardom - without saying a word at all.

Set to a rap song (sung by one of his friends, I'm assuming?), Mark chatted with girls on the subway, grinded with others at the Taste of Danforth, and let a girl sign his washboard stomach. Not only is he a Casanova, he exceeds the tricks of a standard Daredevil too - performing chinups on a moving subway and standing on top of a motorcycle (while driving). Remember, kids; don't try this at home.

Get ready for tomorrow, when I select who I THINK should be on LAKE SHORE.

Stay tuned ;) 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


...In his over 6 minute audition video on how he GTLs and does it every Hollywood night!

A whole buncha stuff happened in this 6 minutes, but I think I can sum it up:) At the beginning, he's in the car, introducing himself, where, literally, every few words, he pauses to touch up his 'do. Even though he says he "waxes, pomenades, gels, mousses" (am I missing anything?) to maintain his unmovable hairstyle (Actually, would that make him the Pauly D, not The Situation? Anyway....)

I bursted out laughing, when the videographer asked him if he'd be a compatible member for Lake Shore, and he responded with the rhetorical question/answer, "Does a shark shit in the water?" I think Tommy Hollywood here is already coming up with catchy phrases that will eventually be called the "Tommy Hollywood" i.e. Jessica Simpson's "Is this chicken or fish that I have?" I mean, how many times did he say the word "excitement," when asked to describe himself and his lifestyle - or "a circle of love" to perpetrate his endless cycle of women, fitness, and partying?

He may hit up the gym, but when a personal trainer inquired to help him work out his legs, Tommy replied by saying "not doing legs today; not interested." And while I didn't see a tanning salon scene directly in this video, I did see him at the beach, cracking a metaphor/analogy about how he's a "(huge) frog in a (small Lake Shore pond)" and that he "take(s) business so seriously he wears dress shoes to the beach," all ironically while he's strolling against the ocean.

And, yes, he's oh-so-good with the ladies, when some random (do they even know her? Don't go into cars with strangers, honey!) blonde chick in a black dress hops in their sick ride at the beach. End this audition with another blonde chick on a hammock/swinging chair, who cries "it's hard to believe, but he actually sat here!" LOL....

Lake Shore really does save the best for last.

Stay tuned for the last Top 25 finalist being disclosed tomorrow. Don't miss it :)


                                                       c) Stewart Marcano Photography

You may know Vik Sahay best as Lester Patel, a member of the Nerd Herd in NBC's "Chuck." What you may not know about him, though, is that he is a Canuck, born and bred, just like one of us. The Ottawa native made his first mark on shows like YTV's "Radioactive" and CBC's "This is Wonderland." A busy actor, Vik kindly took out of the time out of his hectic schedule to answer my questions. You can read it all here.

V.B. When do you think you first wanted to pursue acting?

V.S. It actually pursued me, before I could make a choice. When I was quite young, a scout for a TV series saw me in a class play. I ended up working on that TV show - my first professional gig. An older cast member was attending an all arts school, and something about that struck a deep chord in me. I didn't know why; there was no long term picture. I just knew that I had to be immersed in it like that, so I begged my parents to let me audition for that school, even though it meant hours of bus travel every day.

V.B. You had a lead role on the YTV show "Radioactive." Did that experience teach you a great deal about the difference between TV acting and theatre acting?

V.S. Interestingly, Radioactive is the only television project I've ever worked on that was filmed in front of a live audience, so it was a kind of a hybrid of the two. We did have to hit marks and keep in mind all of the technical aspects of on-camera work. But when we came 'out' to work, it did feel like we were going on stage.

V.B. Can you relate to your character at all?

V.S. Kevin Calvin, my role in Radioactive, was a thick-headed jock. Arrogant, lazy, yet somehow charming. (People hated to admit it, but they were charmed.) I, myself, am quite shy and rarely charming. He was a stretch.

V.B. You were nominated for a 2002 Canadian Comedy Award for your role in "Our Hero." Would you ever do stand-up comedy?

V.S. Absolutely not. However, I follow it very closely and have enormous respect for stand-ups.

V.B. Do you consider yourself/what do you consider to be funny?

V.S. Peter Sellers, Ricky Gervais, Gary Shandling, Bill Murray, Martin Short, Christopher Guest, the timing of Michael J. the top of my head, these are just a few of the comedic icons in my world.

V.B. Maybe tell us a joke or two :)

V.S. A joke I recently heard: There are two goats at a garbage dump outside a Bollywood studio, who are chewing away at discarded cans of celluloid. The first goat, chewing slowly, says, "You know, this film's not bad." The second goat, also chewing the celluloid, replies, "Yeah, but the book was better."

V.B. Ha, that's very funny :) Playing an attorney on CBC's "This is Wonderland" would probably call in for a more serious role. How do you emotionally tap into playing different characters?

V.S. The goal is an insane kind of self-delusion, where you are no longer 'you' but this character in the story. The process to get there requires a chaotic and innocent blend of imagination, instinct, great empathy, curiosity, research, endless soul-searching, and, ultimately, abandon.

V.B. What types of personalities do you think you usually portray?

V.S. Extreme ones, in any direction.

V.B. Being in "Roxy Hunter" - a movie more targeted towards younger children/youth - was it difficult for you to get into a more imaginative type of character?

V.S. No, it was incredibly liberating.

V.B. Being on your most recent, successful role - in NBC's "Chuck" - how have you grown with your character, on and off the show? How has your life, the industry changed for you?

V.S. I'd say that my life has changed more than Lester's has. God, that makes me sad to say. I really love that kid. It's been interesting playing someone over three years who, on the page, hasn't changed. He's kind of stuck and so needs to create more and more heroic versions of extra-curricular activities to make up for his being in a dead-end job. I, myself, don't have a dead-end job. Chuck has opened a lot of doors for me, putting me in the very fortunate position of being paid to create on an on-going basis.

V.B. Where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10, 15 years?

V.S. Living a big, international creative life.

V.B. What unlikely advice can you give to other aspiring actors?

V.S. Believe in yourself and test that belief constantly, by taking risks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When Ashley Corbett first strutted on to the 'Lake Shore" audition room, the first words that came (ahem, sang) to my mind were "I'm a Slave 4 U." I immediately flashbacked to Britney Spear's 2001 video, where, like Ashely, Britney was sporting long, platinum blonde locks and a low-cut pink crop top.

And surprise, surprise :) Ashely shares Britney's sense of sexuality, too. She doesn't mind getting on top of tables and making out with her girlfriends at clubs, especially when she feeds herself some liquid courage. And she loves her boobs - so much she didn't mind flashing them to Lake Shore judges, instead, this time, the contestant's nipples were censored out. And a wild and crazy personality like Ashley's always means she's good in the sac. "I like being on top. It's so much better; I'm in control." And we bet if you were selected to be on the show, Ashley, you'd control the ratings significantly!

Tune in tomorrow, when I reveal the 24th finalist of the Top 25. See ya then!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Have we found us the Ronny of Toronto? Either that, or he thinks he's Taylor Lautner - shirtless in an entire taped scene.

Not that I'm complaining. Albanian dream Arber Daci (better known as "Downtown D," due to his famous jams) has the whole GTL goin' on: exotic dark features, a sunkissed (or fake-tanned) complexion, and a hard rock bod. With a tattoo on his left shoulder and a - little something down there - grinding up on a girl at Lake Shore auditions, Arber is exactly as TOUGH as he looks.

He confesses a little story to us that happened to him on Cancun Spring Break, which, let's just say, ended up with him being surrounded by security and older women :) wink, wink. Aha, and he isn't adamant about unbuttoning his boxers with Spring Breakers, but is sooo afraid of what his Mommy will think. "What are you doing on the net?' Ahaha, lol just kidding. So cute.

What's your verdict, guys? Should he be on Lake Shore? Stay tuned.


Despite what you may have heard, Toronto promo-turned-Playboy model Angelina Polska has not schemed or slept her way to the top. In fact, as a natural strong, silent type, she wouldn't even know how to be. She never believed she could reveal her ultimate body on stage in a bikini contest. She's never been featured in a sex tape, which puts her on higher morale than certain celebrity heiresses who did just that to have their names uttered on a TV screen or gossip magazine. She also loves animals and wants to become a vet. Many of us don't know the real Angelina Polska. Here, in our exclusive Q&A, we talk about all that - plus her Canada's Next Top Model audition tape and her Victoria's Secret.

V.B. So, tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school? Did you have any other educational or career aspirations (besides modelling)?

A.P. I was born in Poland. I moved to Toronto with my family, when I was 5 years old. Growing up, I wanted to be an artist or a vet. I didn't start taking modelling seriously, until a couple of years ago. Right now, I am saving up money, so I can have my University education paid off in full when I eventually go. I am going to become a vet.

V.B. 2008 was a big year for you. What inspired you to get into modelling? Was it always a passion of your's?

A.P. I went to Poland a few years back, and my family there kept asking me why I had not gotten into modelling. When I returned to Toronto, I signed on with a few agencies that were not beneficial to me. Then, I had the lovely, crazy ex-boyfriend who told me I was not pretty enough and could not get into modelling. Him telling me I could not do something was one of the best things that happened to me, because I ended up sending my photos to Import fest and modelling in the car show in 2008. Everything was amazing from that day on. The exposure was crazy, and I made tons of great contacts, which eventually led me to do all the things I am doing now.

V.B. In 2009, you started promo modelling for Got Ass. In the past, Got Ass has received alot of scrutiny on websites for holding contests at strip clubs and rumoured sex tapes. Have you ever faced any of this criticism, and how did/do you deal with it?

A.P. Got Ass is the best thing I ever joined. I hated girls and did not get along with them, until I joined and met some amazing ones. I was also terribly shy and introverted, so they opened me up a lot. I never thought I would have the guts to go on random trips with people or be on a stage in bikini contests. Big thanks to Carlos. Being in Got Ass also got me tons of other gigs. I have never done a Got Ass contest, but I think it's a great idea - easy way for girls to get quick money or a free trip. It's not like we force the girls to do the contests. Sex tapes? (laughs). I was not aware of any. And, yes, there is tons of shit-talking about Got Ass girls, but the funny thing is we have each other's backs like no other. And most of the girls I met had boyfriends and were not slutty at all. Don't judge before you meet. Every time I did events with them, I had at least one girl come up to me and tell me she could not believe how nice we were. Got Ass is not going anywhere (laughs).

V.B. Being in Miss Chin Bikini Canada pageant (and in other pageants), would you say the pageant world is a different lifestyle, ballgame, etc. from the promotional modelling world? Is the pageant (or promotional) world as catty or controversial as society makes it out to be? What are their similarities and differences?

A.P. Miss Chin was a ton of fun. It was my first bikini pageant. I met lots of cool girls. I was so scared at first, but everyone was so nice and supportive. All the bikini pageants I have done were fun, and everyone surprisingly got along. No cattiness. Bikini pageants are more about looks, and promo modelling is more about personality I find. Clubs want fun, outgoing cool girls - not stuck up, hot bitches. Like I said, I never got along with girls; they always hated on me for some reason. But when I started meeting other promo models, I was like "wow, there are actually some great girls out there." They had all been through the same crap I had been through, with girls hating on them. So promo girls all get along in my opinion, because we understand each other. Yeah, we walk around in bars in our underwear and promote the club and don't think we are sluts doing it. Meanwhile, regular girls judge us, because we get paid to have fun.

V.B. You were one of the top 250 finalists out of 4,000 applications for Canada's Next Top Model (in 2009). You also said on your website that you wanted to do Victoria Secret. In that case, are you concerned about expanding yourself into the new fashion, runway modelling world?

A.P. In my Canada's Next Top Model video, it was hilarious...I was reading off a paper, and my dog came in through half the taping. But we didn't edit anything out; they liked me, anyway. Problem was, I lied about my height. I said I was way taller than I am, because I knew they would not look at my video, if I told the truth. So I showed up for my interview, and they were like, "uhhh how tall are you?" I admitted I lied, and they said they loved my look but wanted, like, 6 foot tall models. So, I am waiting to come out on the short version (of CNTM) (laughs). I would love to do Victoria's Secret. I looked into it. You need to be represented by a high-end agency, and, right now, I don't have the look they are going for. You need to be extremely fit. So when I finally tone up, I am going to try to get signed on to an agency and submit my photos. I could never do actual fashion runway modelling, because I am not tall enough.

V.B. You have an amazing body, though! How do you stay so fit? Do you follow a specific eating and exercise regimen?

A.P. I eat what I want. I have gained weight, but I am trying to watch what I eat now and lay off the McDonalds (laughs). On a good day, I have eggs with tea in the morning, a pita for lunch, and meat and potatoes for dinner. When I am out with friends, it's a whole other story. At the gym, I do tons of squats and the Stairmaster; both work wonders for the butt! I am anything but skinny, and I have noticed people reallllllllllly criticize you if your curvy. I plan on toning up for sure, but still keeping the T n A. =) A girl's got to have curves.

V.B. Modelling is a quite competitive, and sometimes, scandalous industry. Have you ever experienced or witnessed issues, such as drug use, body image, eating disorders, sex, hard partying, etc.?

A.P. I don't do drugs. I have been offered on many occasions, but I find addictions to be a huge weakness and turn-off, so I won't involve myself in that. I personally don't know any girls with eating disorders, because in promo modelling, you don't have to be skinny. You just have to look like what guys want, and guys want all types of girls. If I was involved in runway, I would know of girls who starve themselves, because there is so much pressure on them to stay skinny. And, yes, there are girls who sleep around in this industry to get high up, but I find it hilarious. I didn't have to sleep with anyone to get into Playboy; I have the dignity to keep my legs closed. The hard partying thing is an issue...I work a day job and do promo few nights a week, so sometimes I drag my ass to work off 4 hours of sleep a few times a week. I know it's not good for my health, but I have toned down my drinking a lot. I started noticing a change in my complexion, so I am being a lot more careful now. Bottom line is, I am very grounded and love being at home, so I don't get caught up in all the crazy shit. I have not had a bad hangover in almost a year, so, clearly, I am not partying hard enough (laughs).

V.B. Being featured in Maxim (as a Holiday and Hometown Hottie) and Playboy (in their Special Editions issue), you seem to like expressing your sexuality. What does being sexy mean to you? How do you view sexiness in this industry?

A.P. I like making use of my looks. If I am young and can get paid to look cute, why not? I love photoshoots, because they are a great way to express yourself. Funny thing is, I feel more sexy in a photoshoot than I do when I am with a boy. And I like the whole "you can look but you can't touch" ordeal. I don't even find myself being able to act sexy, I am more silly and goofy then a sex object. I fail at auditions that require you to flirt or be seductive; it's just not me. I've noticed a lot of girls are strippers that are my age - good for them. They are making tons of money for expressing their sexuality, and I envy them, because I don't have the guts to do that.

V.B. What are your goals (modelling or non-modelling) for the nearby future?

A.P. Modelling wise, I would love to be a Playboy Playmate and be in Victoria's Secret or a Guess ad. Those are my main goals. Everything else - travel everywhere, volunteer in poor countries, be a vet, and have a huge backyard along with my own animal shelter. I don't plan on getting married or popping out babies, so I just want a simple life saving animals and helping people. That's it.

V.B. Do you have any advice for aspiring models or girls who want to follow in your footsteps?

A.P. Do not sleep around! If you get a bad reputation, promoters and managers will think you're easy and will try to sleep with you, rather than hire you and make you money. I have not slept with anyone to get anywhere, and look where I am. Just make money by simply being a flirt. Do not date. If you're serious about getting far, put off dating for a while, because guys hold you back like crazy. I wish I started everything I am doing a lot earlier, but I was occupied with little boys (laughs). Go to every audition, event, gig you get, because you will never know who you may meet or what opportunity you may have gotten, if you didn't attend.


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Maybe it's not intentional on her part, but it's definitely a good publicity stunt for Kimberly Kerekes.

Why, you ask? Well if you've seen her face and words on People Magazine and the like, you'd know that the sweet Czech-Hungarian blonde was one of the two simultaneous girlfriends Justin was hiding behind Ali (and their) backs on this season of "The Bachelorette."

Here, Kimberly summarizes the story between her and Justin, saying they were going out before he went on the show. Kimberly knew he was participating in The Bachelorette, but trusted him when he insisted it was just to "launch his wrestling career." But, of course, the plot thickens. Turns out Justin was knockin' on another girl's door back home in Toronto, which Kimberly discovered a week post his debut on The Bachelorette.

For poor Kimberley, Justin has been knockin' on his other girlfriend's door for 3 years. But, I guess the other girlfriend didn't know about Kim, so she contacted the Producers and outed Justin for the nasty things he did. Girl Power ;) Us girls have to stick together, especially in situations where boys try to tear us apart with jealousy.

Calling Justin a "good manipulator and liar," it's understandable that Kimberly wants to enjoy the single life but still waits for her Prince Charming to come sweep her off her feet and take her away on his horse and carriage. But, is Prince Charming reality, or is he just as written as a Taylor Swift song?

We'll find out soon enough.


Has anyone else heard of this?

According to the Toronto Star, federal prosecutors and child safety advocates reveal they’re discovering an accumulation in cases of online sexual extortion. They tell us that youth who text naked cellphone pictures of themselves or flash themselves on cyberspace are being approached (online) by pornographers who blackmail to out their indecent acts to friends and family, unless they pose for more hardcore porn. This, of course, allows the pornographers to coerce and control these impressionable minors into the dangerous sex trade trafficking industry. One federal affidavit mentions a specific term for the crime: “sextortion.”

No one presently monitors the amount of incidents involving cyber sexual extortion in state and federal courts, but prosecutors and others lean toward a few previous high-profile instances victimizing vulnerable adolescents in approximately 12 states:

•In Alabama, Jonathan Vance, 24, of Auburn was sentenced to 18 years in prison in April after he confessed to sending harassing emails on Facebook and MySpace extorting naked pictures from over 50 young women in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

•In Wisconsin, Anthony Stancl, 18, attained 15 years in prison in February after prosecutors said he created a fraud account and impersonated a non-existent female on Facebook to manipulate male high school classmates into sending him naked cellphone pictures, which he then implemented to extort them for sexual intercourse.

•A 31-year-old California man was arrested in June on extortion charges after authorities claim he hacked into at least 200 computers and blackmailed to release naked photos he acknowledged, unless their owners posed for more sexually explicit videos. Forty-four of the victims were minors, authorities said. Federal prosecutors said he was even able to somehow turn on a few victims’ webcams without their awareness and tape them taking off their clothes or having sex.

The cases have encouraged law enforcement officials and advocates to warn teens about their online activities. They remind us again that once something's on the internet - even if someone deletes a provocative picture on Facebook - it will always be there, whether it is shared and posted on other social networking, pornographic, or messaging sites - or whether the owners of these sites, police officers, etc. can see it. Someone can easily click on a button and send a picture through your boyfriend's phone - to the entire school.

In an Indiana case, the teenage girl’s mother contacted police when she found out about the threats. Authorities subpoenaed Internet service providers to trace the chats and emails to their source, a computer in Mechanicsville, Md., according to court documents.

According to court documents, the computer’s owner, Trevor Shea, admitted to agents he had been involved in similar ploys with approximately 10 girls, majority of them - barely legal - 17 or 18 years old.

His trial is set for Aug. 30. He has pleaded not guilty and his attorney, Michael Donahoe, claims he is working on a potential settlement.

I posted this article to remind everyone (not just teens) to be wary of what they post on the internet, whether it'd even be an innocent picture of you on the beach in a bikini, or a crazy photo of you drunk clubbing with a few friends. Remember, these photos can sabotage your reputation, relationships, career, and - most importantly - your safety.

Thank you.


Wow, first, a larger man has to pay two meals at The Mandarin, Kevin Smith is told he was too "fat" to fly/use one seat for an airplane, Turkish airlines tell their flight attendant employees to lose weight - and, now, this?

A nightclub in Montreal gave out an obvious message to everyone - that they don't want any "fat" girls inside their parties!

Club Muzique distributed a Facebook invite Friday night that reminded everyone not to come, if they were "fat."

Stefano Apostolakos, a club promoter in Montreal, argues that clubs want to appeal more visitors to the club with more "attractive" individuals.

"Everybody knows clubs are selective. Discrimination comes with the right to refuse entrance, but they'll never tell you you can't come in because of your looks... [Muzique] was just being honest."

After many reacted negatively to the post, the club withdrew the invite and apologized... after the Friday night event!! Like that made a difference for their prejudiced ways!

So, what's considered "fat" here? Muzique would probably give some lame excuse - like overweight people create fire hazards - but this is clearly for superficial reasons!

As for the unspoken rules of other nightclubs - the conventions that prohibit they accept anyone who is "ugly" or "fat" - shame on you! You're just as bad as a racist or sexist employer who doesn't let blacks or women work together. Sure, you can lose weight for health, but it doesn't take two seconds to lose weight, and no one should have to feel less attractive, less worthy to survive (work at a job) or live (have fun at a club).

And for that employer who fired his employees for being too "ugly"? Deplorable! I can't believe this type of discrimination still exists in a free country and a new century! Wow!


Katy Perry clearly must be living out some "teenage dream" - or early mid-life crisis.

Katy Perry crashed Melbourne High School's prom the other night!!

With her industry peeps (ya know, bodyguards and what not), Katy slipped through a back door of a function room at The Grand Hyatt by "accident," while a school's prom was occurring.

Stefan Uzelac, a student attended the prom, says "she grabbed a microphone and started singing California Gurls with all of us. She stayed to talk for a bit before leaving." He insists that it wasn't rigged; no one knew she was coming.

Hey, how many schools have their proms in August? Hmm...


Aww...remember the days when Hilary was a cute 16-year-old blondie who loved Disney and was known as the lovable Lizzie McGuire?

Well, those days might be over, but her adult reality has just begun!

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie finally took a stroll down the aisle and got married!

The actress and her hockey player boy got hitched yesterday night at The San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California.

The couple, who just purchased a $3.85 million mansion in Beverly Hills, have been seeing eachother for a couple of years, and got engaged back in February while on a excursion in Hawaii.