Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wow, first, a larger man has to pay two meals at The Mandarin, Kevin Smith is told he was too "fat" to fly/use one seat for an airplane, Turkish airlines tell their flight attendant employees to lose weight - and, now, this?

A nightclub in Montreal gave out an obvious message to everyone - that they don't want any "fat" girls inside their parties!

Club Muzique distributed a Facebook invite Friday night that reminded everyone not to come, if they were "fat."

Stefano Apostolakos, a club promoter in Montreal, argues that clubs want to appeal more visitors to the club with more "attractive" individuals.

"Everybody knows clubs are selective. Discrimination comes with the right to refuse entrance, but they'll never tell you you can't come in because of your looks... [Muzique] was just being honest."

After many reacted negatively to the post, the club withdrew the invite and apologized... after the Friday night event!! Like that made a difference for their prejudiced ways!

So, what's considered "fat" here? Muzique would probably give some lame excuse - like overweight people create fire hazards - but this is clearly for superficial reasons!

As for the unspoken rules of other nightclubs - the conventions that prohibit they accept anyone who is "ugly" or "fat" - shame on you! You're just as bad as a racist or sexist employer who doesn't let blacks or women work together. Sure, you can lose weight for health, but it doesn't take two seconds to lose weight, and no one should have to feel less attractive, less worthy to survive (work at a job) or live (have fun at a club).

And for that employer who fired his employees for being too "ugly"? Deplorable! I can't believe this type of discrimination still exists in a free country and a new century! Wow!

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