Thursday, August 12, 2010


Blonde, bubbly, and busty (as many magazines would describe her), Taylor Stevens would make the perfect Playboy bunny - except her assets are real and larger than most. She could thank her previously more voluptuous frame for that, since women as tiny as her probably don't naturally have those full of breasts, but Taylor is not complaining. Her trademark cleavage and curves are what make her TAYLOR. "Curvy girls are beautiful; it's what makes a woman a woman," Taylor says. "I may have lost the weight, but I am still curvy, and I think it's important to be happy with yourself at any size."

With that soaring confidence, a 220-lb Taylor managed to be featured in magazines like Voluptuous and XL, despite an industry filled with skinny minnies and the media moguls who made them. While your size shouldn't stop you from following your dreams, Taylor realized that health eventually may. "My heaviest was 300lbs. I lost 170lbs between 2006-2007," Taylor explains. "In fact, when I was bigger, my fans loved me at that weight. I was very confident a bit heavier, and I enjoyed all my curves - and my fans did too. Since then, my health became an issue, and I had to make sure my health was not in jeopardy." She cut the weight - by sticking to a high-protein, low-carb diet and a cardio-based exercise regimen 3 times daily - in just over a year.

Despite that strict program, Taylor still knows how to moderate her boundaries. "I am still very conscious of what I eat. I am a girl who loves food, loves to eat, so now I eat healthy and exercise. But when I want to indulge, I do. I know my limits; I know when I need to work out a little extra hard in the gym. I wont sacrifice what I love; I'll just work harder for it." She also understands her present healthy weight is a balanced middle between extremely thin and extremely overweight. "I've noticed that the media has started to change a lot of their ads to reflect curvier women, which I think is fantastic. But, I still think they push women to be skinny and have a certain look." According to the media's split perspective, Taylor may fall into the curvy enough or too-curvy category. Gratefully, Taylor is optimistic and media aware, unfortunately unlike many of today's self-loathing youth. "Even having said that the media is heading towards curvier women, the media and modelling world's idea of curvy is still small in my opinion. It's so tough for young girls right now --I say, be beautiful inside, and you'll be beautiful to everyone."

And what better way to spread love for your body than to let it breathe in the buff? Taylor has appeared in some adult work and has redefined the webcam industry. In fact, her 8-year, first-place experience is so prestigious that others tell her she "invented webcam." Leaving something to the imagination - without going hardcore - Taylor crushes controversial stereotypes about sexuality. "As far as society's love/hate relationship with sex appeal goes, I'm sooo tired of it. They know what sells, and they don't mind using it for their benefit. Then, they become such hypocrites by trying to criticize it. Sex is a natural, beautiful thing. We all exude sexuality and beauty - in one way or another. Usually, the people that have problems with it are insecure. If more women really looked at how beautiful they were, they would be more confident, and there would be less of a hate relationship with it. "

So, what's in store for her famous boobs and - Taylor? " My future is bright. Like I said before, it's in my blood; I was born to do this. As far as modelling is concerned, there are some big things coming to, and I have a lot lined up that I'm super excited about. I plan to be the best me I can be in this industry and continue to give my fans exactly what they love and have loved forever :)."

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