Monday, August 16, 2010


Have we found us the Ronny of Toronto? Either that, or he thinks he's Taylor Lautner - shirtless in an entire taped scene.

Not that I'm complaining. Albanian dream Arber Daci (better known as "Downtown D," due to his famous jams) has the whole GTL goin' on: exotic dark features, a sunkissed (or fake-tanned) complexion, and a hard rock bod. With a tattoo on his left shoulder and a - little something down there - grinding up on a girl at Lake Shore auditions, Arber is exactly as TOUGH as he looks.

He confesses a little story to us that happened to him on Cancun Spring Break, which, let's just say, ended up with him being surrounded by security and older women :) wink, wink. Aha, and he isn't adamant about unbuttoning his boxers with Spring Breakers, but is sooo afraid of what his Mommy will think. "What are you doing on the net?' Ahaha, lol just kidding. So cute.

What's your verdict, guys? Should he be on Lake Shore? Stay tuned.

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