Thursday, August 5, 2010


Being compared to Jessie and Dan on The (former) Hills After Show, I'm here to present to you my thoughts on the 11th Top 25 finalist selection for Canada's first ever, Shore-like reality TV show.

Sibel Atlug is Turkish but can successfully speak in multiple languages i.e. Persian. Noting the minority of Turkish citizens in Canada, Sibel feels she can represent a Canadian "Turk." I was also very impressed with her knowledge on Canadian history (she indicates there is a mere 10,000 Turks in Canada) and her strong bond with her ethnicity (being committed to seeing different types of condos, ever since she was a tender 2 years of age).

I believe Sibel will actually contribute some intended cultural significance to this show, but can she bring on the drama? Stay tuned.


  1. Sibel Sibel, I think you will bring the hottest Drama on the show!! I think they need to see the side of Turk everyone is waiting for!!!

  2. All I remember from highschool from you was, every bitch hated you because you were beautiful and you had things in life noone else could have!!! I remember the shit people started with you, and honestly I think the girls in high school were so jealous because you were a turk!! You looked different from all the italian's!! You have a hot ass! xo

  3. Sibel Altug, you are by far one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Appart from your stunning looks, you have a very strong personal Ora and can make anyone feel welcome and wanted. But careful! Do not underestimate this little firecracker. She is and always will be the life of the party, lighting up the room with her presence. However, step in her way and she will not hesitate to tell you exactly what is on her mind. You have everything it takes to make this show exciting, fresh and HILARIOUS!!
    xoxox <3

  4. When I found out that there was even a possibility that you would be on this show sibel.. I instantly thought "wow.. look out toronto.. things may just get crazzyyy!" Sibel has so much about her that would bring both fun and excitement to the show.. but also turn the heat up quite a bit! SHES A FIRECRACKER ALRIGHT! probably one of the most fun and outgoing girls out there and by far one of the most daring girls I know--I don't think there's anything she wouldnt do lol..Be wise lake-shore ppl, if u want a show, u want sibel. period.

  5. Sibel where do I start wow you are def one of the most interesting people I have met. You are beautiful inside and out and a good person, you are the life of the party where ever you go and always make the night an interesting night. Where ever you go you light up a room and always make things exciting. You are the person who will make the show fun, exciting and give the show a lot of viewers with your great personality and your amazing looks!!! TO THE CREATORS OF THIS SHOW SIBEL IS THE GIRL YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS SHOW THE BEST IT CAN BE!!! xoxoox <3