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Despite what you may have heard, Toronto promo-turned-Playboy model Angelina Polska has not schemed or slept her way to the top. In fact, as a natural strong, silent type, she wouldn't even know how to be. She never believed she could reveal her ultimate body on stage in a bikini contest. She's never been featured in a sex tape, which puts her on higher morale than certain celebrity heiresses who did just that to have their names uttered on a TV screen or gossip magazine. She also loves animals and wants to become a vet. Many of us don't know the real Angelina Polska. Here, in our exclusive Q&A, we talk about all that - plus her Canada's Next Top Model audition tape and her Victoria's Secret.

V.B. So, tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school? Did you have any other educational or career aspirations (besides modelling)?

A.P. I was born in Poland. I moved to Toronto with my family, when I was 5 years old. Growing up, I wanted to be an artist or a vet. I didn't start taking modelling seriously, until a couple of years ago. Right now, I am saving up money, so I can have my University education paid off in full when I eventually go. I am going to become a vet.

V.B. 2008 was a big year for you. What inspired you to get into modelling? Was it always a passion of your's?

A.P. I went to Poland a few years back, and my family there kept asking me why I had not gotten into modelling. When I returned to Toronto, I signed on with a few agencies that were not beneficial to me. Then, I had the lovely, crazy ex-boyfriend who told me I was not pretty enough and could not get into modelling. Him telling me I could not do something was one of the best things that happened to me, because I ended up sending my photos to Import fest and modelling in the car show in 2008. Everything was amazing from that day on. The exposure was crazy, and I made tons of great contacts, which eventually led me to do all the things I am doing now.

V.B. In 2009, you started promo modelling for Got Ass. In the past, Got Ass has received alot of scrutiny on websites for holding contests at strip clubs and rumoured sex tapes. Have you ever faced any of this criticism, and how did/do you deal with it?

A.P. Got Ass is the best thing I ever joined. I hated girls and did not get along with them, until I joined and met some amazing ones. I was also terribly shy and introverted, so they opened me up a lot. I never thought I would have the guts to go on random trips with people or be on a stage in bikini contests. Big thanks to Carlos. Being in Got Ass also got me tons of other gigs. I have never done a Got Ass contest, but I think it's a great idea - easy way for girls to get quick money or a free trip. It's not like we force the girls to do the contests. Sex tapes? (laughs). I was not aware of any. And, yes, there is tons of shit-talking about Got Ass girls, but the funny thing is we have each other's backs like no other. And most of the girls I met had boyfriends and were not slutty at all. Don't judge before you meet. Every time I did events with them, I had at least one girl come up to me and tell me she could not believe how nice we were. Got Ass is not going anywhere (laughs).

V.B. Being in Miss Chin Bikini Canada pageant (and in other pageants), would you say the pageant world is a different lifestyle, ballgame, etc. from the promotional modelling world? Is the pageant (or promotional) world as catty or controversial as society makes it out to be? What are their similarities and differences?

A.P. Miss Chin was a ton of fun. It was my first bikini pageant. I met lots of cool girls. I was so scared at first, but everyone was so nice and supportive. All the bikini pageants I have done were fun, and everyone surprisingly got along. No cattiness. Bikini pageants are more about looks, and promo modelling is more about personality I find. Clubs want fun, outgoing cool girls - not stuck up, hot bitches. Like I said, I never got along with girls; they always hated on me for some reason. But when I started meeting other promo models, I was like "wow, there are actually some great girls out there." They had all been through the same crap I had been through, with girls hating on them. So promo girls all get along in my opinion, because we understand each other. Yeah, we walk around in bars in our underwear and promote the club and don't think we are sluts doing it. Meanwhile, regular girls judge us, because we get paid to have fun.

V.B. You were one of the top 250 finalists out of 4,000 applications for Canada's Next Top Model (in 2009). You also said on your website that you wanted to do Victoria Secret. In that case, are you concerned about expanding yourself into the new fashion, runway modelling world?

A.P. In my Canada's Next Top Model video, it was hilarious...I was reading off a paper, and my dog came in through half the taping. But we didn't edit anything out; they liked me, anyway. Problem was, I lied about my height. I said I was way taller than I am, because I knew they would not look at my video, if I told the truth. So I showed up for my interview, and they were like, "uhhh how tall are you?" I admitted I lied, and they said they loved my look but wanted, like, 6 foot tall models. So, I am waiting to come out on the short version (of CNTM) (laughs). I would love to do Victoria's Secret. I looked into it. You need to be represented by a high-end agency, and, right now, I don't have the look they are going for. You need to be extremely fit. So when I finally tone up, I am going to try to get signed on to an agency and submit my photos. I could never do actual fashion runway modelling, because I am not tall enough.

V.B. You have an amazing body, though! How do you stay so fit? Do you follow a specific eating and exercise regimen?

A.P. I eat what I want. I have gained weight, but I am trying to watch what I eat now and lay off the McDonalds (laughs). On a good day, I have eggs with tea in the morning, a pita for lunch, and meat and potatoes for dinner. When I am out with friends, it's a whole other story. At the gym, I do tons of squats and the Stairmaster; both work wonders for the butt! I am anything but skinny, and I have noticed people reallllllllllly criticize you if your curvy. I plan on toning up for sure, but still keeping the T n A. =) A girl's got to have curves.

V.B. Modelling is a quite competitive, and sometimes, scandalous industry. Have you ever experienced or witnessed issues, such as drug use, body image, eating disorders, sex, hard partying, etc.?

A.P. I don't do drugs. I have been offered on many occasions, but I find addictions to be a huge weakness and turn-off, so I won't involve myself in that. I personally don't know any girls with eating disorders, because in promo modelling, you don't have to be skinny. You just have to look like what guys want, and guys want all types of girls. If I was involved in runway, I would know of girls who starve themselves, because there is so much pressure on them to stay skinny. And, yes, there are girls who sleep around in this industry to get high up, but I find it hilarious. I didn't have to sleep with anyone to get into Playboy; I have the dignity to keep my legs closed. The hard partying thing is an issue...I work a day job and do promo few nights a week, so sometimes I drag my ass to work off 4 hours of sleep a few times a week. I know it's not good for my health, but I have toned down my drinking a lot. I started noticing a change in my complexion, so I am being a lot more careful now. Bottom line is, I am very grounded and love being at home, so I don't get caught up in all the crazy shit. I have not had a bad hangover in almost a year, so, clearly, I am not partying hard enough (laughs).

V.B. Being featured in Maxim (as a Holiday and Hometown Hottie) and Playboy (in their Special Editions issue), you seem to like expressing your sexuality. What does being sexy mean to you? How do you view sexiness in this industry?

A.P. I like making use of my looks. If I am young and can get paid to look cute, why not? I love photoshoots, because they are a great way to express yourself. Funny thing is, I feel more sexy in a photoshoot than I do when I am with a boy. And I like the whole "you can look but you can't touch" ordeal. I don't even find myself being able to act sexy, I am more silly and goofy then a sex object. I fail at auditions that require you to flirt or be seductive; it's just not me. I've noticed a lot of girls are strippers that are my age - good for them. They are making tons of money for expressing their sexuality, and I envy them, because I don't have the guts to do that.

V.B. What are your goals (modelling or non-modelling) for the nearby future?

A.P. Modelling wise, I would love to be a Playboy Playmate and be in Victoria's Secret or a Guess ad. Those are my main goals. Everything else - travel everywhere, volunteer in poor countries, be a vet, and have a huge backyard along with my own animal shelter. I don't plan on getting married or popping out babies, so I just want a simple life saving animals and helping people. That's it.

V.B. Do you have any advice for aspiring models or girls who want to follow in your footsteps?

A.P. Do not sleep around! If you get a bad reputation, promoters and managers will think you're easy and will try to sleep with you, rather than hire you and make you money. I have not slept with anyone to get anywhere, and look where I am. Just make money by simply being a flirt. Do not date. If you're serious about getting far, put off dating for a while, because guys hold you back like crazy. I wish I started everything I am doing a lot earlier, but I was occupied with little boys (laughs). Go to every audition, event, gig you get, because you will never know who you may meet or what opportunity you may have gotten, if you didn't attend.


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