Thursday, August 12, 2010


Pfft...I'm too famous for you, Shenae!

Fellow Torontonians Drake and Shenae Grimes may have interacted as characters/actors on Degrassi: The Next Generation, but I guess somebody got the case of Hollywood DRA-MAAAA!

Both stars were seen yesterday night at The Blackberry Torch Launch Party in Los Angeles, California, and according to insiders at the event, Shenae had to be "escorted away from [Drake]" after she attempted to grind up on him on the dance floor.

If anyone remembers, about 2 years ago - when 90210 just debuted - Shenae was branded a diva after allegedly being arrogant towards her more experienced costars on set. But, Drake - being the more successful out of the two, it seems - still remains humble. He cancelled his European tour dates to visit his sick mom back in Toronto (which is totally understandable! I would've done the same!)

So, what's the verdict here? If Drake is the nice guy, then he must have a valid reason to keep Shenae away from him, right?

Stay tuned.

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