Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When Ashley Corbett first strutted on to the 'Lake Shore" audition room, the first words that came (ahem, sang) to my mind were "I'm a Slave 4 U." I immediately flashbacked to Britney Spear's 2001 video, where, like Ashely, Britney was sporting long, platinum blonde locks and a low-cut pink crop top.

And surprise, surprise :) Ashely shares Britney's sense of sexuality, too. She doesn't mind getting on top of tables and making out with her girlfriends at clubs, especially when she feeds herself some liquid courage. And she loves her boobs - so much she didn't mind flashing them to Lake Shore judges, instead, this time, the contestant's nipples were censored out. And a wild and crazy personality like Ashley's always means she's good in the sac. "I like being on top. It's so much better; I'm in control." And we bet if you were selected to be on the show, Ashley, you'd control the ratings significantly!

Tune in tomorrow, when I reveal the 24th finalist of the Top 25. See ya then!

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