Monday, August 2, 2010

WHO'S THE 8TH FINALIST FOR "LAKE SHORE"?'s Manuel Deon AKA Frenchie Soo Sexy AKA the reason why so many ladies are obsessed with French boys...

With a body fit enough to model a sports brand's attire, a charm so irresistable that his thoughts are imprinted on all his tattoos, and with such a big - well, you know - it's no wonder Manuel climbed up to being 8th on Lake Shore's list and maybe 1st on the lists of so many women that he lives up to his deserved, well-defining nickname.

Oh, did I mention that according to one tattoo, he "trains like a freak (and) work(s) hard" (in the gym)? And he can rap. A man who can strut for you, serenade you, and seduce you (as long as he can carry his heavy ______). C'mon, ladies. Do I sound like a Toronto Sun personal ad yet? Good.

Check Manuel out in the "cast" section of !

See ya tomorrow!

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