Wednesday, August 18, 2010


...In his over 6 minute audition video on how he GTLs and does it every Hollywood night!

A whole buncha stuff happened in this 6 minutes, but I think I can sum it up:) At the beginning, he's in the car, introducing himself, where, literally, every few words, he pauses to touch up his 'do. Even though he says he "waxes, pomenades, gels, mousses" (am I missing anything?) to maintain his unmovable hairstyle (Actually, would that make him the Pauly D, not The Situation? Anyway....)

I bursted out laughing, when the videographer asked him if he'd be a compatible member for Lake Shore, and he responded with the rhetorical question/answer, "Does a shark shit in the water?" I think Tommy Hollywood here is already coming up with catchy phrases that will eventually be called the "Tommy Hollywood" i.e. Jessica Simpson's "Is this chicken or fish that I have?" I mean, how many times did he say the word "excitement," when asked to describe himself and his lifestyle - or "a circle of love" to perpetrate his endless cycle of women, fitness, and partying?

He may hit up the gym, but when a personal trainer inquired to help him work out his legs, Tommy replied by saying "not doing legs today; not interested." And while I didn't see a tanning salon scene directly in this video, I did see him at the beach, cracking a metaphor/analogy about how he's a "(huge) frog in a (small Lake Shore pond)" and that he "take(s) business so seriously he wears dress shoes to the beach," all ironically while he's strolling against the ocean.

And, yes, he's oh-so-good with the ladies, when some random (do they even know her? Don't go into cars with strangers, honey!) blonde chick in a black dress hops in their sick ride at the beach. End this audition with another blonde chick on a hammock/swinging chair, who cries "it's hard to believe, but he actually sat here!" LOL....

Lake Shore really does save the best for last.

Stay tuned for the last Top 25 finalist being disclosed tomorrow. Don't miss it :)

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