Saturday, July 31, 2010


Peter Czerwinski "The Pole" and if he can eat as well as he says - and exhibits - then he can probably swing around a pole too :)

Looking at how he eats for a living/hobby, it's sure hard to believe he keeps in such great shape. But, nevertheless, Peter burns off all those calories power-lifting and working out regularly. Sounds like hours and hours of sweat, blood, and tears, especially on the day he scarfed down a 72 ounce steak in a mere 6 minutes, 48 seconds. And if he has "a great mouth" like he says, I'm sure he can use it to not only butcher that Guiness Book of World Records, but to tell other Lake Shore cast members where to go during a good Jersey Shore bar fight.

Good lick...I mean, luck :)

Friday, July 30, 2010


Anthony Ionadi, the first Italian - period.

Anthony not only has "spunk and pizzazz" (by the way, I don't think you made the word "pizzazz" up..defs heard it before lol), but the experience to become a reality TV star. He is recognizable enough from hosting various TV programs and specials  - like on Global News - so that can benefit in his brand and practising talent on Lake Shore, not to mention bringing up their ratings.

He has spiky hair, a tanned complexion, and a slim build...Should he be crowned "Pauly D" or "Vinny" here? Thoughts?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Vonny! Congrats!

Scroll down and check his audition video and profile on this link:

Vonny describes himself as "bold, forward, and sexy" - and we couldn't agree more! He is also very proud of his sexuality, which is an achievement, because many his age may not be comfortable enough to come out of the closet yet. As for coming out, he just tells people "(I came out when) I came out of my Mom's vagina!" LMAO....Good one! And what does he do in his spare time? Tanning, shopping, boys - and "flipping off troll dolls." Looks like we have alot in common :)

Good luck, Vonny!


One year: That's all it took for 22-year-old brunette bombshell Veronika London to outsmart the Americans and become big. As a small-town Torontonian/Canadian, Veronika's what the US entertainment industry sees as a "rags to riches," Cinderella-type story. But, don't be fooled by Veronika's exotic beauty and mesmerizing body. Sexy and smart, she is now completing her BA in Marketing, since, according to her, "this business seems to be 40% talent and 70% marketing. Modelling is just part of the marketing that one needs to do as an actress." In other words, Veronika knows that model-type looks are essential in the media.

And it shows she knows...being branded as "The Megan Fox of Hollywood North" - and compared to American sex bomb legends Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie - in her 2009 feature spread written by Maxim Magazine. So, it's ironic that on "Body Language," Veronika portrays an amateur photographer. "It was actually rather strange to be behind the camera," she admits. Some may agree - while staring at her movie-star good looks - but Veronika believes sex symbol-ness is a silent force that comes from within. "It's all about confidence; anyone can have sex appeal," she explains. "But, I don't consider myself a sex symbol, as I value talent more."

Regardless, she attains her long, lean dancer's body with the metabolism-scorching six-mini-meals-a-day trick - and the five-workouts-a-week trick. "I stick to raw foods and mostly greens," Veronika adds, which helps cleanse your digestive system and detox your organs.

But, despite her health-nut diet and well-educated ambition, Veronika wasn't always this healthy - physically or mentally speaking. Like most adolescents, she struggled with insecurities and peer pressure. "Lucky I experienced hard partying, eating disorders, body image issues, drug use, and reckless behaviours - and learned my lessons - before I got in the industry. I'm pretty sure I would have ended up like Britney or Lindsay, if I have entered the business in my early teens."

Veronika remembers that strength - in enduring those obstacles - to tap into troubled characters, like the heroin addict she plays in the movie "Jane Doe" (set to release in 2011). "It felt great portraying such a dark role, since there are people really like that in the real world," Veronika says. "I find that when I'm disturbed about 50% of the time, I can tap into dark roles very quickly and feel comfortable with them."

After snapping pics like a photographer in Body Language, ass-et-ing like a sultry assassin in Mvnerva, and heating up the screen as our cook in How to Cook like a Porn Star, what's next for this Maxim hottie?
"Get on a show like True Blood and star in a major Hollywood Blockbuster film. In addition, since I love marketing, I hope to, one day, build a brand like most celebrities do." We can't wait.


Look, another star who "accidentally" released her naked pics online. "Oops, I didn't know he was gunna sell this for a bunch of money." Ahem, sure. got a photo of what appears to be Lady Gaga having sex with an anonymous/unidentified male.

What do you guys think? Is this gaga enough for GaGa?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Okay, everyone. So, "Lake Shore" announced its first three chosen finalists and will announce one finalist a day until about 3 weeks later. Then, voting will commence.

Click on this link and the first three contestants to see their auditions.

Here's my take on the first three finalists:


He's a hot, exotic Brazilian-Italian who attends UWO and has had: sex with an amateur porn star, a foursome, and a "good chest." 'Nuff said.


A spicy Latina professional dancer/dance teacher wrapped in a black slinky halter top and miniskirt - all without being "trashy" ("but still sexy.")So, how is it that I still think she's sexy enough to steal my boyfriend? Must be her "swagger" :)


Hmm...blonde, Greek, and Filipino - with a California Gurls attitude! That's unique! And she's confident enough to say she has the "whole package" and that she's "classy but not trashy." What's with the whole "trashy" line? I guess people assume reality tv stars are "trashy" or there are enough trashy people to fit into a stereotype.

Just from these three, I can say we have a variety i.e. a sexy Playa type "Situation," a smokin' sensual "J-Woww," and a cute, fun "Snooki." Another Jersey Shore but better :)

See ya guys tomorrow, when I comment on Finalist #4!


Janet Hubert, the actress who portrayed Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (from 1990-1993), is seen here revealing her pregnant mood swings
towards Will Smith - and something about "not being a groupie?"

In this case, will there still be a Fresh Prince reunion? Well, if there is one, it's not gunna be soo fresh! :)

Check out Janet's sentiments above.


New proof in the domestic abuse case between Mel Gibson and his ex Oksana Grigorieva. Oksana has given up the tape from her answering machine that includes eight resentful voicemail messages from the night she left Mel.

According to Oksana, Mel left a min. of 30 calls the night she left him, anywhere from 8pm to 6am.

Mel's rantings have become more bold, emotionally abusing her with words about her career to her role as a mother, calling her everything from a "fucking slut" to "spoiled cunt."

In one message alone, Mel shouted the f-word 23 times and slurred on his words, hence the allegations that he was possibly not sober during these recordings.

Really? Over 30 messages? That has to break some World Guiness Record.

Is that enough to arrest him yet? Please say YES!

Cringe at the audio tapes here:


Doctors usually rely on something called the "Body Mass Index" to determine whether their patient is underweight, healthy weight, overweight, or obese. However, the definition of BMI also refers to a "measure of body fat." And while BMI still gives a wide range of healthy weights for different people of various ages, heights, and body types, it doesn't fully apply to every single person who has, for example, lost muscle due to aging and excessive dieting, or has more muscle weight due to being an athlete, etc.

Let me explain. According to BMI, someone under the range of 18.5 is considered underweight, 18.5-24.9 normal (or healthy) weight, 25-29.9 overweight, and 30 and over obese. But, of course, this isn't certain - or black and white - for every person who may be just a few pounds overweight or are on the high-end of healthy. For example, a woman who is 5'3-5'4 and 140-145 lbs is considered on the high end of a healthy BMI or a few pounds overweight. And while losing a few pounds wouldn't hurt - especially if she has a well-proportioned hourglass or pear figure with a bigger bone structure and moderate metabolism - technically, according to the BMI chart, she could lose almost 50 lbs and still be on the low-end of healthy at 100 lbs weight. But, is this necessarily healthy? No, of course not. Even though she would still be within a healthy BMI at 100 lbs, for that reason of a different body type, you wouldn't expect her to go from a size 10 to a size 0! It just wouldn't be necessary and with that different body type, it is probably more realistic for her to stay at 130-150 lbs then to be 100, 110, or even 120 lbs. Because she has a specific body type and bone structure, she may have to work harder to become really skinny, hence dangerous dieting habits that can lead to a severe eating disorder - all when she doesn't even have to!

It works the same way with someone who is naturally petite and no matter how hard they try, will not gain weight, because of their smaller bone structure and extremely high metabolism. While some of us may prefer to have their metabolism - as opposed to our own (who wouldn't want to eat whatever they want and still have "abs"?) - because their natural body type is healthier and more susceptible to staying at a lower weight, it's ok if they stay at the lower end of the BMI chart. It's ok if they stay at that weight, because they don't have to cut so many calories or resort to starvation to attain a certain weight loss or healthy body weight.

But, the other issue here is our society's obsession with a size 0 figure and the fitness industry's preoccupation with a ripped figure. Now, I'm NOT saying ALL personal trainers say this, but if you're - let's say - outside of your 18%-22% body fat range (as a woman), are you considered fat, even at a healthy weight? For example, there are many women who fit into the 5'5, 150 lbs, and have a high-end healthy BMI or a few pounds overweight, but with 30-ish percent body fat. Are they considered obese at this point? I don't think it's fair to put a medium-height, 150 lb person on the same level as a 300 pound person who has high body fat and is clearly obese. It's not right to call them obese; all it really means is that they have high body fat and need to tone up - and maybe lose a little weight.

The same goes for, let's say, a man who is 200 lbs at 6 feet tall and has a rough BMI of 27. In this case, they're considered "overweight," but even if their body fat is slightly higher than it should be and their muscle ratio is lower, I believe a man who is 6 feet tall and 200 lbs is at a standard weight for his height. He's taller and can get away with more weight, but even so, would that make him less healthy than someone who is all muscle and 300 pounds?

That's the thing. They say BMI is a measure of body fat, but I really think it's solely based on your height and weight. A 5'4, 145 lb woman isn't always going to have 25% body fat (at a BMI of 25). Not only that, but the average woman is 5'4, 164 lbs, and a size 12/14. While this means that the above average woman is overweight and some of the below average women are underweight, does this also mean that the average woman is a plus-size? While some plus-size models may not be considered overweight (or very overweight by BMI's rules) - because of their tall heights - there's a reason they call those women "plus size" or have "plus size" clothes. Plus-size is indicated by whether a woman is a size 14 or over (with potentially a larger bone structure or height), not to mention that in the modelling world, a size 8-12 (and sometimes even a size 4 or 6) is considered plus-size. But, if you're not a plus-size - but a size 6-12 - are you still considered overweight or fuller than the average weight? And if you are, then why aren't you considered plus size?

So many contradictions about weight in the fitness, media, and health industries. Should you really become paranoid with a chart that may not even be true - for you?   


Zac Efron, who is currently in New York City, allegedly spent over $2,000 on lap-dances and vodka at a strip club the other evening with his buddies!!

According to at least two eye-witnesses, Zac and his two friends made a stop at Flashdancers Gentlemen's Club on Broadway.

One claims they paid for one bottle of Belvedere vodka and were happy with the dancers; the women were all slender, sexy brunettes. "They were two Americans, called Shannon and Brandi, and a gorgeous Brazilian called Raquel. Zac and the boys had a great time and left around 3am."

Well, Zac Efron is a guy, and guys do go to strip joints, but $2,000? Yikes....would you consider that overboard spending, even for a rich superstar like him? Thoughts?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Miss Universe (Canada) should be someone who represents this country (or world) most royally, with utmost beauty, generosity, and intelligence. And who better to do that than Mariana Valenta, an aspiring teacher - and educated one at best - who plans to complete a total of three degrees (French Studies, Early Childhood Education, and Teacher's College) - not to mention loyally attain her grandmother's mission, by creating BASE (Brazilian Association for Social and Educational Support) in 2006, a charity that assists children in Brazil. Participating in the Miss Brazil Canada in 2005, winning the title of Miss Latina Canada 2007, and starting a personal training studio "The Fit Loft" (now the official training studio of Miss Universe Canada), with her fiancee Michael Valente Mariana's success begs the question: Is there anything she can't do? Read my Q&A with her and find out here.

V.B. Entering pageants to continue your grandmother's beautiful ritual is an inspiring thing. How exactly do you plan on helping children with this newfound power?

M.V. My family and I have been organizing annual Dinner and Dance Fundraisers, in order to raise funds to build shelter for abused children in Brazil. After winning the title of Miss Universe Canada, I was able to have the support of a lot more people. With a title like this, you have a voice, so I used that voice to help in a much bigger scale.

V.B. I see you enter many pageants that reflect your ethnicity. What does your heritage mean to you?

M.V. To me, my heritage is everything that I am. I love being able to say that I have 2 homes, 2 cultures mixed into 1. I’m born Brazilian and Canadian by heart.

V.B. Having all this experience with pageants, would you say there are downfalls to pageants i.e. weight/physical requirements or cattiness amongst other girls? What is your advice to girls who would like to follow in your footsteps?

M.V. During my experience with pageants, I realized that these competitions give women an opportunity to show that we are smart, beautiful, and can make a difference at the same time. To me, it is only a positive experience, if you are able to stay true to yourself and see this as an opportunity to grow as a strong woman. So my advice to other girls would be exactly that - enjoy it, and stay true to yourself.

V.B. What is your take on "toddlers in tiaras?" Of course, younger children should have a chance to participate in something that allows you to make the world a better place, but what about the whole pageant scene? Like young girls waxing their eyebrows, suntanning, and getting cosmetic surgery - or the pedophilia often associated with it?

M.V. I have to say that as a child, you are not exactly aware of the influence competitions have in your life. It could be a positive experience, if done as a fun, dress-up kind of game. Like everything in life, if things are taken too seriously - where it affects your health and takes the childhood experiences away from a child - then it turns into something negative.

V.B. You decided to open a personal training studio with your fiance. How do you train the contestants? Do you have a certain strategy?

M.V. My fiancĂ©, Michael, and I opened a personal training studio called The Fit Loft. We are the official training studio of Miss Universe Canada. With my experience as a titleholder and Michael’s experience as a trainer, we train the winner both physically and mentally.

V.B. How do you keep so fit? Do you have a certain diet and/or exercise regimen?

M.V. I’m naturally thin, but exercise is a big part of my life. I love being able to push my body to new levels. With Michael being a trainer, and now myself in the industry as well, it becomes second nature to workout. I don’t follow a diet, but I do eat healthy.

V.B. With your expertise in pageants, if you were to create a newer pageant, what would it entail?

M.V. I think that if I were to create a new pageant, it would involve exactly what we have today. The way pageants are today women have an opportunity to compete and demonstrate their intelligence; but at the same time, they are exposed to life changing experiences. It truly becomes an experience of a lifetime.

V.B. What are your future goals, in terms of modelling and/or other areas?

M.V. For now I’m concentrating in growing in the fitness industry. Modeling will always be part of my life, but just as a hobby. The personal training studio is my focus now.


Ever since his leaving The Bachelorette, Justin 'Rated-R' Rego has been Facebook-sharing how angry he is with the way his words were cut out and twisted endlessly on the TV show!!

Justin thinks the producers manipulated him and now that he is exposing their "secrets," they want to sue him for the $5-million contract breech he signed before being featured on the show..

Justin says: "I received an Intent to Sue from the lawyers of The Bachelorette, because I have been talking freely about what actually went on behind the scenes of the show. So in other words they are trying to sue me for telling the truth. Regardless of ANY legal action anyone from that show throws at me, I will continue to speak my mind and will explain exactly what happened to show how manipulative the Producers of The Bachelorette can be."

This whole boycott against Justin began, when he was accused of "cheating" on Ali and/or his "girlfriend" in Toronto. Nevertheless, Justin alleges that he experienced a severe injury when he was wrestling two weeks before he went to LA to be on The Bachelorette and during that two week period, "Jessica" was there for him, hence the whole "Jessie being his girlfriend" thing. Jessie Sulidis, a contestant on "The Bachelor" (who also lives in Toronto), called him out on it.

I think it's all "he said, she said." First, it was Rosalinda, then Jake and Vienna, and, now, Justin? I would like to see proof before The Bachelorette sues anyone here!

Monday, July 26, 2010


While hitting The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday, Kevin Jonas was spotted dancing CLOSELY with his wife Danielle.

Totally normal display of affection, but never seen this side of him before! Will this affect his music as well?

Stay tuned!


All-star wrestler Hulk Hogan's 50-year-old ex-wife (or Brooke Hogan's mom), Linda Hogan, is now engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill!!

The two began a romantic relationship after Linda and Hulk separated when Charlie was only 19-years-old . They were "introduced" through Linda's son, Nick, who was good friends with Charlie during their youth.

Age may be nothin' be a numba and I give props to Linda for looking good for her age, but would you feel, if your Mom or Dad was dating your friend? Comments?


This is why I love Kim Kardashian. She realizes the importance of accepting and taking care of your body type, through eating right, exercising, and a little affirmation!

Kim personally confided in one of her fans who was contemplating acquiring entire body surgery from head to toe (ala Heidi Montag) to look just like her. Kim told her:

"NO. Pls don't. Ur husband should love u 4 who u are! Don't try 2 b someone else. Im sure u are beautiful inside and out! Just as u are. Don't change yourself for anybody but happy with who u are! Someone will appreciate and adore u just as you are."

Aww! Kim may have just saved a life - or, at least, a whole bunch of life-threatening side effects this girl could receive from getting all that surgery. Good for her!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Some of these GTA spots are old, new, or even franchised, but what they have in common are their exquisite scenery, impeccable food, and authentic quality.


Located on Church Street (near Yonge and Bloor), on the outside, O Noir appears to be just like any other fine dining. But, on the inside, everything seems unclear and - dark? O Noir boasts to being Toronto's first-ever "in-the-dark" restaurant. Apparently, experts claim that consuming food in the dark accentuates senses other than (lack of) sight, which makes the taste of food seem even more intense (and, hopefully, delicious!) It helps us emphasize with vision-impaired people who have to live in the dark on a daily basis and even specifically targets them for rewarding career opportunities. With appetizers (like grilled o noir octopus), entrees (like filet mignon), and deserts (like chocolate cake), it's no wonder Torontonians love eating in the dark at O Noir's - the food is delectable to begin with!


Lying on Hanna Avenue in Liberty Village, Mildred's holds a fascinating menu, but along with a Hell's Kitchen-like (not so) secret: it charges customers to hook up in their bathrooms! Of course, they only do this on their weekend of "Big Love" (Valentine's Day), but they're used to it - Mildred's confesses that customers fool around in their unisex stalls, regardless! Besides their appreciation for their customers' "need" for romance is their need for good grub. Mildred's promises a selection of unique dishes for brunch (like Dr. Seuss' fave: green eggs and ham), lunch (gnocchi poutine), dinner (crisp pork belly), and dessert (homemade cookies). Thanks to Mildred's Temple Kitchen, I now know these food combinations (and "paid" sex in restaurant bathrooms) exist in real life!


The Rainforest Cafe mostly delivers in the US and exotic locations across the globe, but thanks to its convenient, local spot in Yorkdale Mall, I can now understand its popularity. Upon entering and sitting at your table, you indulge in a scenic and scrumptious experience. The thunder, lightening, and roaring grunts of rainforest animals creates the ultimate jungle-like experience - along with irresistible, flavourful dishes! The Rainforest Cafe offers a wide variety of selection in seafood, steaks, burgers, and more. The most memorable meal? Tangy shrimp skewers mixed in with crispy Jamaican rice and roasted veggies. For desert? The cafe's very own original Volcano Brownie - milk chocolate triangle brownies covered with warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


Standing right upon 351 metres of the tallest building in the world - the CN Tower - 360 Restaurant guarantees you a heightening experience like no other! Whether you choose to scarf down a "chronzo sausage with wild gulf shrimp frittata" or a "hot smoked breast of peking duck with plum, rhubarb chutney," the 360 makes circles around other restaurants with so-called "expansive" proximities or fancy food. Just make sure your table doesn't move away from you, when you come back from the bathroom. (That's what happened to me!)


Capture Vaughan's (Mills, pretty much) first-ever hookah bar and lounge in this luxurious space filled with hanging desert style tents, oversized freedom seats, and Sahara humidity. Once you relax, inhale in similarly hot Middle Eastern dishes, hot patio parties, and some hot Middle Eastern belly dancers - eh?

Saturday, July 24, 2010



Located in the heart of downtown Toronto on Wellington Street (closest intersection is Bathurst and King St.), Flirty Girl Fitness offers a maximum of 100 diverse (morning, afternoon, and night) classes weekly, which includes (but is not limited to) ballet boot camp, pole dancing, and Zumba. Let's not forget their MTV choreography sessions and Coyote Ugly workshops, beyond deals for booking performances and lessons at bachelorette and birthday parties. Working around YOUR schedule, FGF allows you to purchase punch card holders that don't expire, until YOU finish the classes that you paid for. You can use 5 classes for $90, 10 classes for $160, and 20 classes for $280, amongst other membership opportunities.


With two main locations in Mississauga (Burnhamthorpe Road) and Milton (Nipissing Road), "Live Once" Studio offers similar classes i.e. pole dancing, cycling, pussycat dolls-style dancing, etc., but at potentially better prices. Here, you can complete 5 classes for $75, 10 classes for $140, or 20 classes for $275 - or 5 classes for $20 (but this opportunity is exclusively for new students and lasts only for a week). (Pole dancing classes may only be available in 6 week sessions for both centres). All Group Fitness cards expire in a year, which is fair. The best part? "Live Once" can organize limo service and guestlist bypass for you and your friends at local nightclubs like ZuBar, Fregata, and Blue Suede Sue's. If you want to see more skin, attempt posing for their Maxim-style photoshoots or rent male entertainment for the evening.


Built in the midst of North York (at approximately Dufferin and Finch), "Grant Brothers" deliver regular and pro-training drop-in memberships with some of the globe's most prestigious athletes. You can learn boxing, jiu jitsu, MMA, wrestling, Muay Thai, and more. Contact them directly for more pricing information.


I know I keep on talking about hot yoga like it's some sort of religion, but it REALLY does work. There are small hot (and bikram) yoga studios everywhere, but the bikram yoga at Bayview and Major Mackenzie (in Richmond Hill) promises low, fair prices. You can get 20 classes for $200, and they won't expire, unless the business closes down (knock on wood). Trust me, guys; I went to 20 classes in 2 years and then another 20 classes for a year (but I recommend you attend class regularly for the best results).


Relaxing in between Major Mackenzie and Rutherford on Weston Road (Vaughan/Woodbridge area), Serenity Spa promises the most "serene" and scent-usual spa experience. Rest aside its numerous touchy, romantic deals for honeymooners and couples alike, Serenity Spa permeats smell and taste buds with chocolate and cake body treatments, ala the "Chocolate Creme Bliss" - $130 for an hour and 15 minutes of a chocolate facial exfoliation, firming mud wrap, and delicious chocolate desert at the end. But, if you want to burn that chocolate off - or lose a few FAST - the "Aloe Slimming Body Wrap" guarantees expeditious results. Of course, the pure aloe and herbs may only serve temporary ends - as it is a detox - but if you avoid sugar and salt, exercise lightly, drink tons of water and stay away from heat during the 3 days the aloe solution remains in your body THEN maintain a healthy eating and exercising regimen, your results can last for as long as you like. Serenity has seen clients lose up to 15 inches per wrap, but since every body is different, they also suggest you request a 6 week session ($75 per treatment).  I lost 11 inches my first wrap, so if it can work for me, it can probably work for you too!  

Friday, July 23, 2010


The Spice Girls are allegedly returning for their own movie titled Viva Forever!!

The film is going to resemble a musical like Mamma Mia! and will feature Spice Girls songs, (hopefully) thanks to Mamma Mia! director Judy Cramer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If you haven't seen the countless Facebook invites regarding Toronto's Jersey Shore-inspired reality tv show auditions, then you have been missing out, my friend - or maybe you haven't.

Watching some of the audition video posted on, I again have to ask myself: Is this the best - or most truthful - that Toronto has to offer? Are we depicting a fair, accurate reality of the multiculturalism we represent? Sure, whoever wants to try out will do what they want and be what they want, but amongst all the different sexual orientations and ethnicities I spot based on this audition tape, I still wonder if these people acted knowing they were going to be on reality tv or if they played up more of who they ACTUALLY are.

Exhibit 1. Lake Shore introduces their Day 1 audition tape with "Black Lady Gaga," who says she is trying to be all "crazy." Labeling herself as the "Black" Lady Gaga, I have to wonder, is she trying to be proud and encourage that she is representing someone who is not apart of white majority, or is she creating a racial stereotype to be what a "black" version of Lady Gaga should be like?

Another person who may be sexy but is a little out there is "Frenchie So Sexy" (wow, how do they come up with their names?) Oh, and he likes "sex, sex, and sex" (his words, not mine!) Lol, so I admit he's sexy and likes sex, but in the words of someone who might be shocked that he's from Paris, what - is this not a show for Torontonians? Wait, did you move to Toronto? Someone answer this question, please?!

And "The Ken Doll," who says he's the maddest "hobo" or "homo" (I couldn't quite decipher it). Are you trying to be yourself or fulfill a stereotype here?

But, my favourite has to be the advice or words of wisdom contestants give to describe themselves. One says, "one thing I will not do is cheat on my BF." Ok given, but what will be the things that you will do? And when George Lopez-esque Bobby Gino (who has the potential to become a talk show host, BTW) asks a couple of guys various questions, it leads to other clips inquiring other people on why they should be on the show. "I've never seen anyone like me," one says. "I have the looks, brains," another says. Confidence? Cockiness? Reality?

Ok, so maybe I should lighten up. The more animated the personalities, the more engaging the show will become. But, how authentic will this show be? Will it be another GTL, but with more diverse people? Or will it be different, but with different protypical characters? Or do those stereotypes exist for a reason; do those stereotypes need to be encountered and analyzed on the show? What do you guys think?


Wow, this would have to be one of the most horrible, insane things I've ever listened to in my life.

The actor once again yells at - and demands blowjobs from - Oksana Grigorieva, throws insults at her twelve year old son, Alexander, and the worst - he may have hit his baby, Lucia!

If you can handle the violent bastard-ness Mel Gibson has to offer, you can read/listen below. I know I can't.

Read More: Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate


Sexy beach photoshoot pictures have just been released of 14-year-old Kendall Kardashian, who has recently been signed to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency - Her sister Kim Kardashian says:

"I am so proud of Kendall. She's going to take over the modeling world... you just watch!"

Well, let's see what she can do. Do you think she can outshine her famous sisters?

Monday, July 19, 2010 & The Culture of Online Dating/Cheating

A working wife unlocks the door to her burgundy brick home. Curious as to why her husband is home before her, she climbs up the stairs and tiptoes to her room. Wanting to surprise her husband with a seductive mood, she instead, to her dismay, opens the door to find him on top of a tall, buxom, blond. In tears, the wife runs out, thinking it’s her fault. She asks herself – Am I not pretty enough? Thin enough? Do I attract the wrong men? But now, she has an entirely different dynamic to blame: the internet.

Nowadays, people use the internet to search for their soulmates, engage in reckless sex, and even hide notorious infidelity. But, what ambiguously constitutes as infidelity is merely online conversation or flirting via webcam. If it doesn’t go further than that, one can argue it’s not considered cheating. But, here, I introduce you to a new concept – an internet dating site that actually caters to unfaithfulness – called According to his National Post Business article - appropriately titled “Infidelity Inc” - Jared Mitchell writes surveys claim 20% who implement online dating sites are married, “yet among’s 275,000 subscribers, the total is closer to 80%” (Mitchell, 100). And not only is this site serving married men who are searching for philandering women (100), but 30% of these women are singles appealed by married men (104). Not to mention an article in Business 2.0 Magazine about revealing 20-30% of users on single dating sites were married people pretending to be single (103).

The lesson here? Because these relationships are accessible online, the rules of dating and cheating have changed. I will discuss how dating and online etiquette has intertwined and skewed the boundaries - in terms of areas such as honesty in pictures and information on dating websites, online vs. offline connection, and cybersex– based on evidence shown in the culture of My hypothesis is that mostly men would cheat on their wives online, because of the internet’s convenience, anonymity, and release of sexual stimulation – all without leaving their own rooms; the men may slightly fib about their appearances and look for casual sex. I will concentrate only on men, since Ashley Madison mostly caters to married men who are looking to cheat. I have assessed 37 profiles of men, aged 18-30 from Ontario who, according to the site, clicked they are seeking “cyber affair/erotic chat” and 38 profiles of those same above characteristics who pressed they are seeking “something long term” (75 profiles in total). My social science research basically focuses on just online dating (no mention of Ashley Madison) and previous themes listed, but my media research i.e. recent newspapers and magazines talk about the controversy surrounding Ashley Madison and online dating/cheating.

First, I will look at my social science research or, in other words, the online dating factors that can be connected to online dating/cheating and websites like Ashley Madison. According to the article “Online Place and Person-Making” - by Rachel Jones and Martin Ortlieb - individuals require “places.” According to surveyor Michelle (UK), this place can be a site where “she is free…to be as serious or as playful as she likes” (Jones & Ortlieb, 216). Perhaps everyone needs that place, where there are no rules, and their cheating is condoned – a place where potential cheaters are brainwashed into exploring their inhibitions and becoming convinced that cheating isn’t wrong or immoral. This article also reiterates that traditions and actions involving romantic meetings may be changed, when people choose to meet others from online (217). So, again, I think this means cheating – where it isn’t typically permitted in the outside world – is permitted online, as long as the people you’re cheating with know they’re involved i.e. like in However, the problem with “truthfulness and integrity” were major factors for participants (218) in an online dating survey conducted in the US and Germany (215). Ironically enough, here, in the case of Ashley Madison, men advertise their cheating on a website that promotes cheating. But, in the process, they’re showing women on the website that they’re being untruthful to their wives. How can these girls trust guys who say they’re cheating? It only implies these men are capable of lying about more serious matters, like if they’re rapists or serial killers. And while these men probably wouldn’t admit to those crimes, what if these girls were to fall in love with these men who they know are capable of cheating again. But, how do you know if someone’s being serious or joking? Discussing the element of “virtual or real settings” (221) – whether online activity can compensate for offline or reality – is difficult. Should any online flirting be taken literally as cheating? It may be a joke, but you can’t see the body language or tone of voice of the person online to interpret it as cheating. But when you’re on Ashley Madison, you wonder if any man would actually say they’re cheating, when they’re really single!

Jennifer L. Gibbs, Nicole B. Ellison, and Rebecca D. Heino collaborated in writing “Self-Presentation in Online Personals.” Here, it indicates a successful online dating relationship conventionally transports to offline (Ellson, Gibbs, & Heino, 152). This is what makes the cheating real – in-person – as if you’re not cheating on your wife with a computer, but a real human being. But, what if you cheat with a user online and when you meet offline, you don’t like them? After all, “the actual meeting could be sometimes disappointing” (155). I ask myself - would it still be considered cheating, if you chatted online and did nothing offline? What if you talked a lot about your personal life online (156) and you become really close to a user, in terms of communication? Is this a form of emotional cheating? Can you cheat on your partner emotionally? If you become good “online friends” with someone of the opposite sex, are you still cheating? Can you even become friends with someone solely based on online interaction for that to be deemed cheating? Most people don’t even consider friendly chat cheating, but if it is considered cheating, most people wouldn’t even know for a fact it’s considered cheating; so, in that case, they would be cheating by accident or not cheating at all. But, remember that on Ashley Madison, people intentionally go on there to cheat, so the pain infidelity causes here is realized beforehand by the cheater and, thereby, inexcusable.

In Elizabeth F. Churchill and Elizabeth S. Goodman’s study “(In)visible Partners…,” their analyses allege you cannot divide or separate online matters from cultural and political incidents of daily life (Churchill and Goodman, 88), meaning what you say or do online can lead to or affect you in cheating offline. They also point out the link between lowering discomfort in online dating and accumulation of divorce (89). Perhaps, divorce is connected to online cheating on internet dating sites. Maybe, people have gotten divorced, because they discovered their spouses joined or even interacted on online dating sites, probably for the purpose of “dating” people other than their spouses. Or these people married someone they met online and then got divorced. Who knows how many people got divorced because of their visits on Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison somewhat snitches on men’s infidelity, by confessing their main demographic is married men looking for women. Another question is why these men are cheating. While I can’t speak for any man who cheats, I can attempt to brainstorm reasons by observing what these men say they’re looking for from other women on Ashley Madison; perhaps they’re looking for something their wives don’t give them. In my ethnographic study, 35% of those men who were seeking “cyber affair/erotic chat” state they’re looking for specific sexual fantasies, like threesomes, bondage, or oral sex, whereas 45% of those seeking “long term” relationships simply wrote they want sex. 12% of all these men describe themselves as open-minded and nature-loving. 5% of these men say they’re looking for easygoing women; 4% even specify they don’t want possessive women. 8% of long-termers desire to satisfy the women sexually. Here, I understand that not only do these men have sexual needs or fantasies, but emotional needs for excitement that died in their previous relationships or freedom that was suppressed by their controlling mates. Ashley Madison user creativeme1 says, “I am searching for someone to bring some much missed zest and spark. There are many things I would like to experience.” User Eldoradoman22 doesn’t like “whiners or sluts” (perhaps, he had a partner who was promiscuous or needy, and now he’s using cheating as a defense mechanism to get over her or get revenge?). There can be various reasons for cheating, but when a spouse feels obligated to stay in a marriage for the sake of the children, illness, or maybe even abuse, they may resort to emotional and sexual relationships to get that sense of love their spouses may have neglected to show them.

Carol L. Glasser, Belinda Robnett, and Cynthia Feliciano wrote about a study on race-ethnic appearance preferences in “Internet Daters’ Body Type Preferences…” Here, they used a study of 5,810 Yahoo heterosexual dating profiles, where they found Latino and African-American men are more likely to prefer larger, curvier female body types, and Caucasian and Asian men are more probable to favouring thinner and more toned female body types (Feliciano, Glasser, & Robnett, 14). They also indicate men, more than women, want and can explain a certain body type or type of beauty they prefer (15). I can argue men are stereotyped to cheat more than women, because they are that concerned with how a woman looks and constantly searching and acquiring their “perfect woman,” even when they already have that woman. I can argue men can’t control their testosterone and high sex drive, and anyone that seems really attractive they are naturally inclined to sleep with. But, the media has proven male celebrities have been cheating on their gorgeous, successful, also famous wives with conventionally less attractive female strippers or prostitutes. Take Halle Berry for instance. Her husband cheated on her, even though she’s one of the best-looking black female celebrities in Hollywood. So, just because your man cheats on you doesn’t mean you’re ugly or he found someone better-looking. Sometimes, he feels the “need” to get a prostitute fantasy – or at least a fantasy only a prostitute would be willing to perform - out of his system. Another theory is that people tend to yearn for their own kind. While attractiveness is subjective, it’s been said that attractive people go for attractive people, average people go for other average people, and less attractive people go for less attractive people. This can explain how this article’s past research demonstrates one’s own body type impacts the body types wanted in possible dates (Cachelin et. al, 2002) (16). In my ethnographic study, since Ashley Madison is specifically targeted to cheating men and my chosen profiles don’t suggest what kind of female body types they prefer, I decided to look at the same men’s profiles and see if they correspond with the preference of the idealized muscular masculine body type (15). According to my study, only 28% consider themselves fit, 13% muscular, 5% consider themselves to be shapely/toned, 4% consider themselves to be “a few pounds over,” 7% slim, and most – 40% - consider themselves to be average/medium-sized. So, in this case, most men here on Ashley Madison may want an average-sized person like themselves. In the (Ellison et al. 2006) study, they only surveyed those with pictures to check if people really lied about what their bodies are like in person based on comparisons to their pictures. They discovered people were mostly honest, because they expected to be introduced to their online dates face-to-face; but when they don’t tell their truth, it’s only slightly - about their weight or age (30). In my study, most appeared to bargain up to their pictures, while those who said they were only “a few pounds over” looked more than that from pics that usually only showed their faces. 13% don’t even show their faces and 50% of long-termers don’t seem to look how they say they do.

Speaking of which, Jeffrey T. Hancock and Catalina L. Toma explore this issue in their article “Putting Your Best Face Forward…” They discuss a study on the precision of 54 internet dating pictures posted on by straight daters. While online daters assessed their pictures as somewhat truthful to how they really look now, independent judges evaluated about 33% of pictures as not truthful (Hancock & Toma, 367). However, again, when face-to-face meeting is foreshadowed, the lying involved tends to be slight rather than abundant, and sugar-coating rather than really underestimating (368). You can apply this to cheating, by asking yourself if the lying or cheating involved here online is really as bad as lying or cheating offline. Some may say whether online or offline, cheating and lying are still bad. Even if you distort or camouflage the truth slightly, people may speculate what you’re hiding is shameful. But, just like photos are only so entirely truthful that they only capture a certain angle or add 10 pounds (370), people can edit their ideas only so much online. Even if people are honest about the personal information on their profiles and what they tell you online, they can’t tell you everything simultaneously. They can only depict a partial snapshot of themselves; the rest is up to you. However, in previous work, lying about pictures was deemed the least socially acceptable by daters, along with lying about relationship status (Toma et al., 2008) (370).

Now, I will concentrate on my media sources and what they say about Ashley Madison and online cheating. First, we will discuss the connection between online cheating and casual sex. In MSN Money’s article “When cheating on your spouse is big business,” they talk about one of the businessmen, Noel Biderman, behind He reveals there is an “affair guarantee” that will reimburse you your money, if you don’t find someone in the first 3 months. Well worth your $249 (1) if you do pay for the guarantee and then get your money back, but quite pricey enough to motivate you to cheat in 3 months time. This article also shocks us with a staggering statistic: over 50% of both genders confess to cheating within a relationship a minimum of one time (1). Of course, this cheating wouldn’t be expected to establish long-term relationships. One would predict it resulting in casual sex.

Peter Wilson wrote an article for CanWest News called “Online cheats looking for love.” Like the previous article, he exposes some other statistics, like that some 26% of Canadians confessed to cheating on their spouses, because they used the internet for dating. 18% of Canadians said when they resorted to dating sites, they’re really wanting casual sex. However, these events of cheating are more probable to lead to cybersex, where there’s no literal physical contact (Wilson, 1). In Charlie Fidelman’s article “If adultery is your game, the Internet is your place,” Helen Fisher – a Rutgers University anthropologist – says men usually just want casual sex, so they decrease their standards and broaden their horizons (Fidelman, 3), meaning they don’t look for one specific type of woman or restrict their choices to only those “attractive” women. They play the field and choose anyone to fulfill their sexual desires very quickly, hence the “casual sex” notion. Sometimes this just requires oral sex or quick sex.These statements further prove my hypothesis about casual sex and how men vie for it – especially through quick internet connection. But, now, I’d like to relate the next two articles to an important strategy in my ethnography: the reason I chose only men for my basis of studies. Are men really more likely to cheat, and, if so, does the internet facilitate or prove it?

In Canada NewsWire article “ poll finds Men less likely to be monogamous,” 15% of males said they would search for others while in a relationship (1). 7% of men and 3% of women felt it was acceptable to have sex with others, while in a dedicated relationship. It continues to say some males are afraid of commitment, and that’s why they constantly search for other women (2). I think men tend to relate sex more to a need that must be physically met for survival, whereas women connect sex more to emotional commitment or romance. Men have a hard time expressing their romantic feelings and then being portrayed as weak, so they’re afraid to take that risk and commit.

But Yuki Hayashi’s Flare article “Love – Exciting and New” begs to differ, implying that humans in general – not just men – are expected to be polygamous. It questions whether humans are really biologically conditioned to be with one person for the rest of their lives. The prevalence of divorce (almost 50% of Canadian marriages conclude in divorce) appears to state maybe a type of serial monogamy (i.e. an open relationship) is more the standard today (Hayashi, 2). Morgenstern claims the individual you married at 25 may no longer be compatible with you (2); perhaps you or your desires have changed.

In conclusion, my hypothesis appears to be correct: men – being more likely to cheat – slightly lie about their looks and search for casual sex on the internet. Ashley Madison is a site that supports this statistic, inviting married men to cheat on their wives with condoning women. People cheat on dating sites i.e. Ashley Madison, because they can talk to whoever they want – wherever they want – with a click on their labtops and under secret identities. But cheating site or no cheating site, people will talk to each other online and be held responsible for their actions beyond the internet. The computer’s not the one talking or kissing or having sex; it’s YOU.

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Strike a Pose, and Prepare to be Belittled! How the media bullies female celebrities using artificial physical ideals

When Barack Obama was inaugurated nearly a year ago in January 2009, pop singer Ashlee Simpson wasn’t blogging about her hopes for the new U.S. president. Instead, she was comparing the media coverage press of the inauguration to that of her sister Jessica Simpson’s weight gain. Ashlee wrote: “A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman’s weight or figure as a headline on Fox News.” While Ashlee’s statement renders irrelevant to Obama’s inauguration, it raises an important point: The media coverage on the female bodies of celebrities is not only blatant but offensive. As a result, the female demographic feels the need to resort to desperate measures - like eating disorders or plastic surgery - to look better than a “fat” celebrity or like an airbrushed, “thin” celebrity.

People wouldn’t stop talking when covers of tabloid magazines featured a fuller Jessica Simpson in unflattering “mom” jeans. Some journalists attributed Jessica’s larger appearance to solely her jeans, but others claim she “ballooned” to 145 lbs and that she needed to lose the weight ASAP. Emulating the trend of most female celebrities who have gained weight, Jessica asserted herself, saying she “loves her curves just the way they are,” but then 2 weeks later, reportedly lost 15-20 lbs! 

Whether weight gain is criticized or appreciated for promoting a “more realistic” body image, it seems as though the media constantly contradicts itself. When you have an article encouraging celebrities of different shapes and sizes, and then another article insulting celebrities for their cellulite, it’s hard to distinguish which ideas the media is trying to support.

When were standards for a woman’s body established? One could argue that they existed since the beginning of history; standards of beauty shift through different time periods, cultures, and ethnicities. But if you look at how the media advertises the female body, these images can be analyzed more thoroughly. In the early ‘50s to ‘60s, more voluptuous hourglass silhouettes - like Marilyn Monroe’s - were seen as sexy. Come mid-‘60s to late-‘70s, this standard became extremely thin, hence model Twiggy’s popularity. In the ‘80s, athletic, lean physiques - like those of Madonna and Olivia Newton John - were substituted as the norm. Then, the ‘90s introduced the Barbie-like shape of Playboy bunnies and Baywatch babes, such as Pamela Anderson. This all leads up to the surgically-enhanced, size 2 bodies of today, i.e. Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, competing with fuller, “healthier,” looks i.e. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, and anorexic-looking, lankier physiques, i.e. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.

We cannot necessarily explain the changes of ideals portrayed in the media. Perhaps it requires the emergence of one sex symbol to break the mold. When Marilyn Monroe was famous, other people thought “curvy” was cool. Now that Megan Fox is famous, people continue to believe “thin is in.” While the media’s advertisement of photoshopped models bombards in forms of visual covers and billboards, journalists sometimes unethically further embellish their editor’s incentive to scrutinize celebrities’ cellulite or fat. So while pictures may be worth a thousand words, words still hurt. The words – in these following articles - hurt those scrutinized celebrities and the women who don’t think they look as good.

Another reason to blame for the development of certain standards can be a patriarchal society. In a man’s world, women have to look a certain way; so, the media depicts the type of women a larger demographic of men would desire to purchase, along with magazines and movies. In the June 2nd, 2008 issue, US Weekly featured its survey - based on 100 men and 100 women in NYC’s Rockerfeller Centre - demonstrating whether men and women like specific body types. 8% of women and 6% of men like “super thin women, i.e. Nicky Hilton, 16% of women and a whopping 30% of men prefer women who are surgically “enhanced,” i.e. Heidi Montag, 32% of men and 32% of women like toned figures, i.e. Jennifer Aniston, and only 18% of women and 14% of men favour the “curvy but fit” figure, i.e. Penelope Cruz (86-87). However, the definitions of what is “curvy” or “fit” differs from person to person. This survey is not only limited to a certain number of surveyors and opinions, but the above celebrities that supposedly represent these body types. While surveyors may only judge celebrities based on the body types they represent, the fact that here men specifically prefer more enhanced and slim figures - as opposed to “curvy” and average women - is somewhat disturbing. Unrealistic proportions - i.e. large breasts on a tiny body - are unattainable to most and can often only be achieved with dangerous plastic surgery. Usually, this body type is hard for a man to find. Most men I talk to say they like a girl with curves and meat on their bones - something they can grab onto - and this girl isn’t always a size 2.

This body type is also portrayed in men’s magazines. According to a March 20th, 2008 article on the Fox News website, Sex & the City leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker claims a Maxim magazine poll deemed her the “un-sexiest woman alive.” While it’s not Maxim’s fault their editors didn’t think Parker was sexy, Maxim still called her a “Barbaro-faced horse.” Sarah also told Maxim that just because she doesn’t fulfill the standards of a men’s magazine doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful: “Do I have fake boobs, botox, and big lips? No!” By selecting and talking about certain women in a positive or negative way, magazines like Maxim are drawing a restricted portrait of what they think every woman should look like.

Not to mention these celebrities are photoshopped and airbrushed in pictures, so they don’t even look the same in person. Thanks to technology, almost anyone can look like a Victoria Secret model. But, is photoshopping ethical? Canadian photographers Karolina Turek and Vasko Mio think it‘s a part of the media we must accept. “Without photoshop, most glamour models would not exist!,” Turek says. “I photoshop babies for the love of God! My mission is to make women understand that what you see in the media isn’t 100% real! Everybody gets photoshopped, even in those plus size model ads for plus size underwear!" Vasko reiterates, “people must know that images are being photoshopped. The argument is that digital editing is creating impossible ideals. Are we over-photoshopping our images? I don’t think so.”

It isn’t noticeable if you erase a few pounds that the camera adds on anyway. But, if you transform a known size 8 celebrity into a size 2, that’s a completely different story. Take Kim Kardashian, who is frequently either complimented or scrutinized for her endowed backside. In its April 29th, 2009 issue, Life & Style features an allegedly 100% “un-retouched” cover photo of Kim in a bikini, saying in huge font: “I have cellulite, so what!” Kim mentions the scandal about her obviously re-touched cellulite in the pictures for the April-May 2009 issue of Complex Magazine. Life & Style also directly inserted the Q&A into the article, asking “Why does everyone attack your size?” and “Why are you so open about your body?” Do these questions imply that everyone insults her body and that she’s too big to be open about with her body? Sure, maybe these were just honest questions without those intentions, but many may not feel it’s ethical for a journalist to ask those types of questions in an interview.

Even more critically, according to a January 10th, 2003 article on the Hello Magazine website, Kate Winslet admits herself she was photoshopped to look thinner on the cover of GQ. “What is sexy?,” Winslet asks. “All I know from the men I’ve ever spoken to is that they like girls to have an arse on them. So, why is it that women think in order to be adored, they have to be thin?” GQ’s magazine editor attempted to justify this alteration, by claiming Kate Winslet lost weight so the editing wouldn’t matter anyway. Kate disagrees. “I can tell you they’ve reduced the size of my legs by about one-third.”

What’s even more insulting are feature articles filled with pictures of celebrities stripped to their bikinis, ready to be slandered and “ranked best to worst.” Star Magazine’s August 11th, 2008 issue, “Summer Weight Winners and Losers,” sends mixed messages as to what looks good and what doesn’t. For example, even though she looks less toned, Eva Longoria is harshly criticized for a “flabby stomach and butt” (47). Yet, they applaud a “healthier” 128-lb Jennifer Aniston (42), who is still 11 lbs heavier than Eva. Eva and Jennifer are approximately the same size and height, so it isn’t sensible or ethical to compliment Jennifer and insult Eva.

The largest devotion to the female body I’ve seen here is Star Magazine’s 30-page tribute on “Winter Beach Bods” in their January 5th, 2009 issue. Again clad in their bikinis, these stars are called on by the magazine as “the good, bad, and the ugly.” Star even compares Tara Reid’s need for alcohol rehabilitation with her “need” to “get help for that sagging booty” (51). This remark is especially insensitive, considering Tara got breast implants and liposuction, due to body insecurities reinforced by the media. Star Jones was pointed out on wearing a white bikini that flaunted her scars from gastric bypass surgery (58). Tiny girls - like Anna Lynne McCord and Miranda Kerr - acquired rave reviews for their bikini bodies: Miranda Kerr being awarded “best model moves” (56) and Anna Lynne McCord “best Beverly Hills bod” (58).

In “Workouts that Work,” Star explains fitness regimens of stars like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Saying “Britney is working hard to get back into her old sexy shape” is suggesting Britney’s slightly heavier shape wasn’t sexy (64). In “Here’s the Skinny!” - assessing what “impossibly thin celebs really eat” - the Star contradicts what magazines try to sell in their ads and services: ideas that we need to lose weight, when some of us don’t. Again, the definition of “curvaceous-ness” is skewed here. The Star considers Rihanna - who they even write has a “size 2 waistline” - to be “curvaceous (68).” A size 2 is maybe slightly curvaceous, and by saying a size 2 woman is curvaceous enough to be categorized as “curvaceous” is implying those who are larger than a size 2 are not only curvaceous, but overweight or obese. Even if they meant “curvaceous” in a good way, what would “thin” enough be in this context, even though Rihanna is in an article that classifies her as an“impossibly thin” celeb?

In Touch Weekly’s April 28th, 2008 issue includes an article called “Their Bodies Look Better than Ever,” which compares celebrities’ old bodies to their newer versions. They deemed Ashley Olsen’s previous frame “boyish” and Mel B’s new toned physique “voluptuous” (73), which are also negative, inaccurate words used by the journalist to describe something as serious an issue as the female body. In Touch also establishes present that Hilary Duff fluctuated past between extremes of too thin and too “big,” saying “the teenager still had a bit of baby fat in 2004” (76). This statement leads to another issue magazines have criticizing celebrity bodies, especially when those celebrities are still young or pregnant. Of course, in those cases, they would carry extra weight! They’re only human!

Finally, in Star Magazine's December 7, 2009 issue, they evaluate “winter beach bods” again, calling ex-Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert’s thicker physique one of the “worst bodies” this winter (53).

Celebrities deserve more privacy; if gossip magazines expose their bodies in slinky bikinis, it could either make or break a star's career. Looks matter, and an actress’s weight can affect whether they she gets a role in a movie or not. With this coverage of the female body - in consideration of photoshop, men’s magazines, and juxtapositions of curvier and skinnier bodies - it’s no wonder we’re confused as to what the media is saying about women and what they should look like. But, it tells people who don’t look a certain way a lie - that they’re less worthy - and that’s the most unethical thing of all.

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Allison Coss, the woman attempting to coerce $680,000 out of actor and yummy DILF John Stamos aka Full House’s Uncle Jesse, has been condemned as guilty!!

Allison was condemned today in court of conspiracy and implementing e-mail to threaten a person's reputation (finally, the law has caught up with technology?), charges that could lock her in jail for a maximum of five years. She was arrested in December in an FBI stitch after John's lawyer indicated that the actor was the victim of an extortion attempt.

Allison alleged she had photos of John with cocaine, while they engaged in sexual intercourse when she was only 17-years-old.

Well, if you're gunna accuse a squeaky clean Full House star of statuatory rape and drug possession, you better have the actual evidence! How else will they be convicted? Some juveniles are soo...duh!