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You may recognize her face from gracing countless Sunshine Girl calendar centerfolds on your brother's wall, dancing in music videos with stars like Aaron Carter, or flirting with new villian Jake on this season of The Bachelor. But, now, you can put a voice to this face, a voice to new comments never before heard and seen by Jessie Sulidis. In my exclusive interview with her, she talks about her life as a Toronto model and confirms her exposing Bachelor stars Justin Rego and Rosalinda's wrongdoings. Check it out.

V.B. Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school? Did you have any other educational or career aspirations (besides modelling)?

J.S. I grew up in Oakville, ON. I went to Oakville Trafalgar High School and took PR at Humber College. I am currently working full-time as the sales manager and artist for my family's business, which is called "The Cosmetic Company" (http://www.cosmetco.com/). There, I teach and lecture high school and college-level students tricks of the cosmetic industry and performing demos. I also work with some of the top clients and TV stations providing them with these cosmetic and aesthetic supplies. In my spare time, I model and act. I am also the new Bachelorette correspondent at ET Canada; I will be on air right through until September. I hope to get my feet in the door in the broadcasting world after my stint on The Bachelor Pad (which premieres August 9th on ABC). But, I also want to be able to give back to the community and help others in need, so I am also getting involved in several charity events in the GTA.

V.B. What inspired you to get into modelling? Was it always a passion, dream of your's?

J.S. Right from a young age, my mom found me a talent agent, as I was always the ham of the party. I loved the camera; I loved being the center of attention. I had no stage fright; it just felt like home.

V.B. Some can say you were somewhat of a child star, being in the Miss All Canadian Talent Search Pageant and in movies like It Takes Two and The Santa Clause. Would you say you grew up faster - because you were a child - or that you experienced certain issues? Or was it more of a positive process?

J.S. I feel it was a positive process, since I got to experience so much at such a young age that I really developed a respect and understanding of the world faster than most at my age. A lot of people in my shoes didn't have the best childhood. But, my parents always did their best to ensure I still got to play sports, dance...They would (even) bring my friends on set and on holidays to make sure I had a balance. I am an only child, so they had all their focus on me. I feel so lucky having travelled the world by the age of 19. I'm sure my friends enjoyed the family vacationing and (other) cool events! I think that's why my friends are like family members to me.

V.B. You also hold a love for music. Performing at charities and festivals and tributes and the like, did you learn anything specific about music? Who are your musical/artist inspirations (in terms of voice, genre, style, etc.), and why?

J.S. I love singing, dancing and performing, but I definitely don't have the voice to be a recording artist. I have the voice to be the karaoke queen. Haha! I used to want to be a singer and entertainer, but then my friends were very honest with me one day and told me to "not quit my day job". My friends are hilariously honest.

V.B. You've also appeared in various music videos for Canadian stars especially, like Joee, Sky, and Soul Decision. What was it like filming videos with those stars (plus Aaron Carter)? What were your roles in those music videos?

J.S. I had a blast on set, and it was cool to be in music videos with artists I actually liked and listened to. Aaron Carter was a fun video. He even asked for my phone number and called my house! When I got home, my dad said, "some Aaron kid called." The scene we shot was a house party, and I had some of my friends there too. Soul Decision was a group I really liked working with, too. I still talk to the lead singer Trevor! They were such great guys. And Joee..... he is smoking hot. I actually knew his makeup artist who introduced me and got me into the video. I still talk to him to this day. He just got married!

V.B. How often do you think you've been a Toronto Sunshine Girl (or, at least, in their calendar)?

J.S. I can't even tell you! I get random calls all the time, saying "I saw you in the SUN". For a while, I think I was in it at least once a week. Haha. I was on the front cover three times, and I was in the Swimsuit Edition three times as well. I'm going to shoot the Toronto SUN calendar next week, so I'll keep you posted on when it's being released! They have always been so good to me!

V.B. How was it like meeting/acting with Vivica A. Fox in Shark City and the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock 2? What were your roles like in the movie? Would you say they were different from any roles you've ever played? If so, how did you go about tapping into your characters?

J.S. I've never been star struck before (unless I somehow meet Gerard Butler)! But everyone I have ever worked with has been so incredibly nice - even at ET Canada. All the hosts - like Rick and Roz - are so supportive and helpful. They actually sometimes sit in and watch me to give me tips. It's really amazing to see them do that for me; they definitely don't have to! Shark City was my favourite movie to film. I got to play one of the love interests for the main character. Well, I wouldn't actually use the word love. He was a shark. Haha. I had a few lines and kissed the main character David Phillips. He is a Torontonian too! I guess my kiss was great, since he asked me out to sushi the following day! Haha.

V.B. And, finally, you're most famous for your being in The Bachelor. How did you deal with the controversies surrounding that show? Did you really fall in love with Jake? How did you feel about the whole Rozlyn scandal? How about the most recent one with Jake and Vienna?

J.S. The Bachelor was a lot of fun to film! The girls were great and a lot of fun. We got to travel up the coast of California and experience so many adventures. I didn't fall in love with Jake; I felt more of a friendship vibe with him. I think a lot of us felt that way! Yes, I was infamous for calling out Roz! I saw her making out with the producer and told the world at The Women Tell All! You don't go on a dating show and use your sexuality on staff to take you to the top! Its classless! I am actually on Team Vienna on this one! I think V truly cared for Jake, and he only cared about fame and his career. It's too bad! I hope they both find happiness, though!

V.B. You have an amazing body! How do you stay so fit? Do you follow a specific eating and exercise regimen?

J.S. Thank you! I stay fit, by playing sports and going on walks! I play soccer and hockey. I don't enjoy going to the gym, so I get my exercise by playing sports. I don't eat the healthiest, though. I need to shape up on my eating habits. I normally have a can of Zoodles for lunch at work. However, I like to start my day healthy with scrambled egg whites and fruit! It goes downhill from there. I got blessed with good genes!

V.B. Modelling is a quite competitive, and sometimes, scandalous industry. Have you ever experienced or witnessed issues, such as drug use, body image, eating disorders, sex, hard partying, etc.?

J.S. We've all been around partying and drugs, just being in high school and college. It's all about choice; I chose to stay clean. That scene never interested me, but I've seen people get sucked in to it. It's so sad, because it can ruin a career and personal relationships. I have had issues with my body, just like any other woman out there. We all have days when we just feel gross, but I would never starve myself. I would go for a run!

V.B. Overall, you've appeared in a variety of promo campaigns, calendars, magazines, etc. Are there any specific modelling or other goals you are very keen in fulfilling for the future?

J.S. I would love to be in Sport Illustrated! I also want to get more in to the broadcasting world!

V.B. Do you have any advice for aspiring models or business people in the modelling industry?

J.S. For every YES, there are 156452450 NO's you're going to get. Don't give up!

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