Monday, July 12, 2010

FOOD/RESTAURANT PICK OF THE DAY: Treats Euporium, Beef Stroganoff with Rice!!!

Located on the southeast corner of Bay and Queen (right across from the Eaton's Centre), Treats Euporium always promises a new selection of multicultural specials daily - not to mention its regular muffins, cookies, soups, and sandwiches! "Treats" resides underneath a tall building and is covered with yellow walls and brown ceilings, a simple and conservative atmosphere for your typical, on-the-go businessman (or woman). Today, I had a scrumptious Russian dish, better known as "Beef Stroganoff." Lying on top of a bed of white rice, the sauteed beef is mixed with the red peppers and onions to create a hot, creamy stirfry-like ensemble. Some of Treats' other notable entree choices are quiche, lasagna, and chicken casserole.

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