Friday, July 9, 2010


You may have seen her partying in a hot tub with Jacob Hogart (in Hedley's music video "Cha Ching") or dancing in a car (in The Stereos' debut video "Summer Girls"), but you may not know her by name.

Hailing from Toronto, Sara Balint was raised by her family in a city just two hours east, better known as Peterborough. Graduating from Sir Sandford Fleming College, Sara was always interested in science, psychology, and real estate: "I like big, extravagant homes and architect in houses," Sara says.

But, what Sara has been most rewarded for has not been earned due to technical knowledge or college education, but genuine, intrinsic, artistic talent in acting and modeling. A Canadian blonde, blue-eyed favourite, it's no wonder Sara has been made the lead girl/love interest in music videos not once, not twice, but three times. High on demand, by national knowns such as Hedley, The Stereos, and Massari, this "Summer Girl" has a favourite as well: "I think my favourite was The Stereos' video, because it (debuted around the time) they hit their fame in Canada, and I was there - apart of their first video." Possibly responsible for these music videos' popularity - and, of course, her own - Sara's versatility has extended to acting and guest-speaking on television programs, promotional modelling at events, and posing for top-selling magazines.

And when you've been featured on a show like "The Hills," you can foreshadow your effect will become worldwide, even if it's just for one episode. "I was just walking out onto the patio, and the show was filming," Sara confides. "The cast pulled me in to have drinks and hang out, while the show was rolling. (Living in LA now), I see the cast from 'The Hills' out, but have kept in touch with Frankie. He's my favourite, and a really fun and nice guy. We are friends now."

So, she's been to Toronto, LA, and maybe everywhere else? Well, perhaps not literally, but in print - in different international versions of FHM Magazine, that is: "I shot with an FHM photographer, and the images ended up in different places," Sara explains. "I was told about some of them, and the others - I just found about after. Sometimes, with images, you just don't know where they'll end up." And for that reason, if - say - pictures aren't in the hands of FHM but someone else with cruel intentions, they may try to impersonate you or destroy your reputation. "There have been people who used my photos and even used my name as well. It's just weird that people would do that..."

Now that she's been on the cover of American Curves and inside Maxim Magazine's August/September issue, Sara's face - and smokin' bod - will be popping up on newstands allover. "I was submitted to be a hometown hottie for Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hottie contest," Sara says. "I made it into the semi finals and won week 9 of the voting on Now, I'm still in the running to be the winner. All of the finalists will be featured in the magazine in August."

And even with a body decorated with 5 day/weekly gym sessions i.e. cardio, weight training, yoga, and dance classes, Sara knows she doesn't need to flaunt herself to be sexy. "I do like to go out and have martinis at events, but I try not to take it overboard, because I've learned it just sets you back," Sara advises. 'People will look at me and usually see a sexy image. I know that and realize that. I am ok with it. I try to keep my look more classy and will only take it as far as Maxim and FHM-type shoots. I will shoot swimsuits and lingerie, but I don't see myself doing Playboy or any other type of nude modeling."

So, what will she do - now? "More magazines, print, spokesmodel positions,and maybe some movie roles for fun." With all that going on for her, Sara must have a happy-go-lucky mantra in mind to remain so conscientious, which is this: "Always improve yourself. Make yourself better, not for anyone else - but for you. Believe in yourself, and if you fall, get up and try again."

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