Thursday, July 1, 2010


Cut out carbs. Only do cardio 3 times a week. Don't do weights at all, unless you want to look like a man. Do these so-called scientific "theories" have any truth to them? With all the different health warnings for foods and exercise-induced injuries, we have to wonder whether anything is really healthy at all, or if there is any one effective way to lose weight. Well, I say every person is different - every body type is different, every fitness level is different, and every lifestyle is different. So, you can either stress yourself out, raise your cortisol levels, and make yourself hungry enough to down a bag of chips - because someone told you you shouldn't burn too many calories a day - OR you can GET OFF YOUR ASS, release endorphins, and do a fun exercise that makes you happy - and hot! And who better to tell you what makes you hot from these scorching celebs?


For pear-shaped girls like Kim and I, it's hard to get rid of the fat residing on our thighs, especially in our inner and outer thigh areas. Running and walking may make our legs more muscular, but they don't exactly make our legs thin enough to balance out the rest of our proportions. That's why rollerblading is good for us - because it tones our inner and outer thighs, as we alternate different legs forward and out. We can't change our body shapes, but we can make the most of them!


  But, running is definitely not bad! Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson have all achieved their best bodies, doing it. It's one of the only workouts that consistently keeps your heart rate up to burn more calories during a short period of time, also via the heat of perspiration. So, take your Ipod, push to the beat of the music, and run! Amp the incline on the treadmill, or even better, run on the pavement or trail outside - or on the sand (beside, on or sans ocean) at the beach. The resistance the texture of the sand, trail, etc. produces (i.e. the incline or pulling back that makes it harder to run fast) makes you sculpt your lower half more efficiently. Wasaga, anyone?


We've all seen the runners, bikers, and swimmers in our neighbourhood; they're either super sleek and toned, or wrinkly and orange, due to low levels of body fat and too much sun. Whichever look you like, marathoners or triathloners arguably have the best bodies. Lean or muscular, they build their physiques, every time you see them sprinting on the track or cycling on the road (which is really annoying for drivers, BTW!) But, JLO - whose booty was insured for a million dollars, I think? - lost her pregnancy weight, from successfully training - and completing - a triathlon! Of course, this requires months of preparation - daily minutes or hours of swimming, cycling, and/or running, but it is doable. Plus if the triathlon is for a good cause - other than just getting ripped - that's an extra motivator!


Carmen Electra is undoubtedly famous for her roles in countless movies and, ahem, assets, but hey - she uses those assets to promote another commodity: fitness DVDs - Strip Aerobics DVDs, that is! You can find her Strip Aerobics series anywhere - usually Walmart, Barnes & Noble, maybe even Future Shop - or anything with an electronics section. Dancing ie. like pole dancing makes you feel light and sexy. And if you can't find a pole to put in your bedroom - or a poledancing class near you! - you can always drop a club and bump and grind with your girls, or just blast it in your bedroom! Dance like noone's watching!


Stars like Jenny McCarthy and George Clooney swear by the fast results of this old but revived, sweaty traditions. After reportedly doing a 1200 calorie-melting class a day, it's no wonder McCarthy squeezed into a Playboy cover, at her age. And George Clooney is, hello, a timeless hunk?! While hot yoga is a pretty time-consuming process i.e. 3 hours of not eating before class, 15 min back and forth of driving to class (well, for me, anyway), and 1.5 hour of sweating, there are a few moves here I can tell you REALLY tire and tone me out. Number 4 (curling your leg over your other leg and balancing) helps form collagen and reduce cellulite. Number 10 helps the blood rush, cleanse your toxins, and increase your metabolism. And Number 22 (kneeling and bending over as far as you can to reach your hands to your ankles) requires you stay there for a mere 30 seconds, which - don't be fooled - kills you! But, what a great abdominal, back, and chest stretch! You can do these almost anywhere!


This brings me back to my days of jumping on a trampoline in gymnastics! Girl group TLC recently revealed that two sets of 200 jumping jacks a day (400 in total) helps them, when they want to "lean out their stomachs a bit more" (as if that were even possible!) You don't have to do that many, but maybe 3 sets of 20-30 are enough?


Another childhood, schoolyard favourite! Whether you like skipping with a few girls - or by yourself - skipping as an adult really gets your childhood muscle memory revving! Fergie admits that she jumped rope right before a photoshoot to appear more ripped (again, like that were even possible!) Another way to look more toned before a major event? Lots of push-ups, lunges, and squats! They get your blood flowing, which makes your muscles pop out! So, jump high to the sky, and then land with a smiley, super body!


Don't have a stairmaster at home? Bombshell Katherine Heigl promises there's no problem; running up and down the stairs really engages your glutes and hamstrings, not to mention it makes your breath CLIMB! 10-20 minutes really exhausts you...Trust me! I know this from experience!


Khloe Kardashian went from a size 10 to 6 in no time, boxing out her aggravations on a punching bag. She drips tons of sweat, which convinces her that she's really burning a ton of calories - and losing! Kickboxing also has the same effect, but uses your legs, butt, arms, and abs simultaneously!


Hills star Audrina Patridge and Playboy bunnies are swearing by this circus-recognized technique, which works your muscles and body parts in a way other exercises don't! Find a trapeze class in your area today!

Also, remember to try alternating different exercises (for any one you do) every day or a few times a week. This forces your body to work different muscle groups and not get used to any of the exercises, which gives you faster results! Plus, it saves you from monotony! Have fun!

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