Thursday, July 29, 2010


One year: That's all it took for 22-year-old brunette bombshell Veronika London to outsmart the Americans and become big. As a small-town Torontonian/Canadian, Veronika's what the US entertainment industry sees as a "rags to riches," Cinderella-type story. But, don't be fooled by Veronika's exotic beauty and mesmerizing body. Sexy and smart, she is now completing her BA in Marketing, since, according to her, "this business seems to be 40% talent and 70% marketing. Modelling is just part of the marketing that one needs to do as an actress." In other words, Veronika knows that model-type looks are essential in the media.

And it shows she knows...being branded as "The Megan Fox of Hollywood North" - and compared to American sex bomb legends Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie - in her 2009 feature spread written by Maxim Magazine. So, it's ironic that on "Body Language," Veronika portrays an amateur photographer. "It was actually rather strange to be behind the camera," she admits. Some may agree - while staring at her movie-star good looks - but Veronika believes sex symbol-ness is a silent force that comes from within. "It's all about confidence; anyone can have sex appeal," she explains. "But, I don't consider myself a sex symbol, as I value talent more."

Regardless, she attains her long, lean dancer's body with the metabolism-scorching six-mini-meals-a-day trick - and the five-workouts-a-week trick. "I stick to raw foods and mostly greens," Veronika adds, which helps cleanse your digestive system and detox your organs.

But, despite her health-nut diet and well-educated ambition, Veronika wasn't always this healthy - physically or mentally speaking. Like most adolescents, she struggled with insecurities and peer pressure. "Lucky I experienced hard partying, eating disorders, body image issues, drug use, and reckless behaviours - and learned my lessons - before I got in the industry. I'm pretty sure I would have ended up like Britney or Lindsay, if I have entered the business in my early teens."

Veronika remembers that strength - in enduring those obstacles - to tap into troubled characters, like the heroin addict she plays in the movie "Jane Doe" (set to release in 2011). "It felt great portraying such a dark role, since there are people really like that in the real world," Veronika says. "I find that when I'm disturbed about 50% of the time, I can tap into dark roles very quickly and feel comfortable with them."

After snapping pics like a photographer in Body Language, ass-et-ing like a sultry assassin in Mvnerva, and heating up the screen as our cook in How to Cook like a Porn Star, what's next for this Maxim hottie?
"Get on a show like True Blood and star in a major Hollywood Blockbuster film. In addition, since I love marketing, I hope to, one day, build a brand like most celebrities do." We can't wait.

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