Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hills' Series Finale Conclusion = Mehhhhhh

If you were watching The Hills' series finale yesterday night, you may have been let down by the ending.

I was expecting more drama, anger, tension - but, instead, I got sentimental tears and video shots commemorating past joyous moments and a somewhat philosophical slamming the door shut.

The above photo summarizes the last few shots of The Hills ever. After Kristin departs on an excursion to Europe and hugs Brody goodbye, it shows Brody unraveling this set - a fake backdrop, crew, cast - to remind viewers "nothing you see on TV is REAL(ITY)."

At first, you might react with a huge "Duh, any bonehead knows that it's all scripted," but it makes you ANYTHING real? Was the fight between Lauren and Heidi real? Are Heidi and Spencer actually getting a divorce? Are they actually that crazy?

Who knows, but it's called a "reality" show for a reason. Come on, people! Something has to be real! That just ruins it! They should've just called it a "prime time soap opera," if it was all fake. Thinking it's real - and being shocked that certain things are real - are all apart of the fun, but then when you find out it's all fake, it's kinda disappointing. It's good to have fictional drama, but viewers want to be able to relate to characters, and when viewers think it's real, it makes us feel that things that actually happen to us actually happen to other people in real life!

We can debate how "real" The Hills was until we're blue in the face, so I'm just gunna stop here, leaving you with one last question: Spencer's hair and uninvited entrance last night...Crazy or not crazy? Real or not real? Hmmmm... 

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