Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ever since his leaving The Bachelorette, Justin 'Rated-R' Rego has been Facebook-sharing how angry he is with the way his words were cut out and twisted endlessly on the TV show!!

Justin thinks the producers manipulated him and now that he is exposing their "secrets," they want to sue him for the $5-million contract breech he signed before being featured on the show..

Justin says: "I received an Intent to Sue from the lawyers of The Bachelorette, because I have been talking freely about what actually went on behind the scenes of the show. So in other words they are trying to sue me for telling the truth. Regardless of ANY legal action anyone from that show throws at me, I will continue to speak my mind and will explain exactly what happened to show how manipulative the Producers of The Bachelorette can be."

This whole boycott against Justin began, when he was accused of "cheating" on Ali and/or his "girlfriend" in Toronto. Nevertheless, Justin alleges that he experienced a severe injury when he was wrestling two weeks before he went to LA to be on The Bachelorette and during that two week period, "Jessica" was there for him, hence the whole "Jessie being his girlfriend" thing. Jessie Sulidis, a contestant on "The Bachelor" (who also lives in Toronto), called him out on it.

I think it's all "he said, she said." First, it was Rosalinda, then Jake and Vienna, and, now, Justin? I would like to see proof before The Bachelorette sues anyone here!

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