Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If you haven't seen the countless Facebook invites regarding Toronto's Jersey Shore-inspired reality tv show auditions, then you have been missing out, my friend - or maybe you haven't.

Watching some of the audition video posted on  http://whatsgoodtoronto.com/, I again have to ask myself: Is this the best - or most truthful - that Toronto has to offer? Are we depicting a fair, accurate reality of the multiculturalism we represent? Sure, whoever wants to try out will do what they want and be what they want, but amongst all the different sexual orientations and ethnicities I spot based on this audition tape, I still wonder if these people acted knowing they were going to be on reality tv or if they played up more of who they ACTUALLY are.

Exhibit 1. Lake Shore introduces their Day 1 audition tape with "Black Lady Gaga," who says she is trying to be all "crazy." Labeling herself as the "Black" Lady Gaga, I have to wonder, is she trying to be proud and encourage that she is representing someone who is not apart of white majority, or is she creating a racial stereotype to be what a "black" version of Lady Gaga should be like?

Another person who may be sexy but is a little out there is "Frenchie So Sexy" (wow, how do they come up with their names?) Oh, and he likes "sex, sex, and sex" (his words, not mine!) Lol, so I admit he's sexy and likes sex, but in the words of someone who might be shocked that he's from Paris, what - is this not a show for Torontonians? Wait, did you move to Toronto? Someone answer this question, please?!

And "The Ken Doll," who says he's the maddest "hobo" or "homo" (I couldn't quite decipher it). Are you trying to be yourself or fulfill a stereotype here?

But, my favourite has to be the advice or words of wisdom contestants give to describe themselves. One says, "one thing I will not do is cheat on my BF." Ok given, but what will be the things that you will do? And when George Lopez-esque Bobby Gino (who has the potential to become a talk show host, BTW) asks a couple of guys various questions, it leads to other clips inquiring other people on why they should be on the show. "I've never seen anyone like me," one says. "I have the looks, brains," another says. Confidence? Cockiness? Reality?

Ok, so maybe I should lighten up. The more animated the personalities, the more engaging the show will become. But, how authentic will this show be? Will it be another GTL, but with more diverse people? Or will it be different, but with different protypical characters? Or do those stereotypes exist for a reason; do those stereotypes need to be encountered and analyzed on the show? What do you guys think?

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