Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey, everyone! So, I've decided to add on a regular feature to my blog - an advice column, conducted by moi! I'm no expert, but my loved ones always come to me for guidance or favours, so I'm going to share and serve my talents - with and to - you lol... But, I do have some journalistic experience writing about love and relationships.

In my position as a writer from Today's Toronto, I wrote various articles and transcribed my interviews with female glamour models into small profiles.

While a freelance writer for Bobbi Magazine, I researched and created profiles on male fitness models in the publication's regular feature section "Guys Next Door." I also wrote an article comparing the male and female brain.

In my first year of university, I collaborated in an advice column with another student for "Excalibur," one of York University's main publications. It was called "For Students, By Students" written by Mandy and Val (I'm Val!). Here are a couple of links:

I have also written many articles about love and relationships. One was based on a study I conducted about cheating.

So, basically, if you have a specific or unique problem, you can email me or post a comment under my piece here. You can use aliases online, so don't worry about having your identity revealed, because you can make yourself totally anonymous.

Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say! XOXO

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