Sunday, June 27, 2010


With an olive complexion, a naturally graceful body, and blue eyes that can twinkle underneath luminous brown or blond locks, it's no wonder Stacey Boulianne has won the hearts of Maxim, UMM, and men alike. The 26-year-old has a lot to be thankful for. Not only has her exotic look been praised by UMM Magazine as a Girl Next Door and Maxim Magazine TWICE (as a Holiday Hottie and a Halloween Hottie), but her generosity and kindness has been put to good use, with regular contributions to our society.

Not to say that her natural beauty and brains combo is an easy prize. She works diligently to service her God-given talents as much as possible. Living in and around Kingston, Ontario, Stacee's patience enduring three different schools and a parental divorce may explain her need to help others i.e. elderly for the Canadian Red Cross - and a completion of the Personal Support Worker course. Despite her abundant successes, Stacee remains humble: "Knowing I make a difference in other people's lives makes my job all that much better." 

But, first and foremost, is her passion for modelling. "I've always had a thing for being in front of the camera," Stacee says, "getting my picture taken. As a little kid, I was chosen to be in a local photographer shop and have my picture in their window, because I was waving and being super cute." But, it was when she became legal that she appropriately decided to take her OWN action and make the right business connections. A Model Mayhem account and 7 years of networking later, Stacee's dreams came true: she landed gigs with legendary Canadian avids, like Sunshine Girl, Miss Hawaiian Tropics, and Miss Chin Bikini Canada. 

With years of experience under her belt came loads of maturity - and an extremely optimistic attitude. "You're always going to run into catty girls, especially in this industry," Stacee explains. "A lot of people want to see you fail, but if you have a kick ass personality, I believe you will shine through all those other people." Especially if you're jealous of a girl with looks like Stacee, whose blessed with a genetically high metabolism and love for rollerblading. So, she should have no reason to join those poor young female models who have been coerced into self-destructive methods of sex, eating disorders, and drugs to blend into the industry. "You will look and feel better, when you are sober," she advises, not to mention these supposedly slimming remedies are counterproductive: "You're only young for a short period of time, so take advantage of your body and looks, while you still got it."

But, while Stacee's not up for conventional party-girl tactics, she's all for sharing her one-in-a-million silhouette, and, er, essence depicted in what she considers to be an artistic form of photography. "My goal now is to make it to Playboy," Stacee reveals. "They are having a casting call in Toronto in August, and I'm ready to bare it all. A lot of people are against Playboy and think its wrong or slutty, but to me, it's a really classy magazine. I think if you're comfortable with your body, then nobody should judge you for what you want to do. Life's too short..."

As for all those aspiring models out there (or maybe models who want to be just like Stacee), Stacee urges you to follow your dream and do everything you can to preserve it - and, most importantly, to listen to your own heart. As for Stacee, the dream has just begun - and to keep the dream alive, with interests in pursuing singing and modelling, Stacee can remember her affirmation that she already has "died trying."

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  1. LMAO I hate to burst your bubble there, but maybe before you do your bio you should do your research first. Half those pictures of "Stacee" are actually Kimberly Wyatt, former pussycat doll. I'd give you some kudos for the whole thing if I could even take you serious after that mistake. Haha they don't even look the same. Similar but not enough that you missed that. Hey I am Megan Foxs long lost sister, I have a kid with Barrack Obama and Tiger woods cooks my dog dinner every night. Do my bio next!! LOL and... If it took her seven years to start getting gigs by adding photos online that aren't her, you best believe she will prolly die trying to make it big. I know another girl who has photos with the UMM and Maxim logos and she said all she did was make a profile on the sites.. And they tagged all her pics. Simple as that. You should try it. Oxoxxoxoooooooooolololololololol