Monday, June 21, 2010

MMVAs Drama! Miley Cyrus Too Sexy, Too Soon & Justin Bieber's More Contagious than the Swine Flu?

FAME - I introduce you to my first blog with some good old celeb gossip. Despite watching just half-time of the MMVAs (and half-time of the World Cup! eek), I still managed to capture some juicy moments. First off, what was Miley wearing? She's not even legal yet. I understand she wants to adult-erate her Disney image into a sexier one and she can wear whatever she wants, but I really do think she's trying too hard to be another Disney star that matures in a striking, stripper-ish way i.e. Britney, Christina, Vanessa Hudgens? Has anyone seen the lesbian kiss and "Can't be Tamed" Miley cover, aka Britney's trademark midriff show? Not to be a prude, but I've seen this done way too many times before. While cliche, I'm empathetic that she feels the pressure to use her looks and sex appeal - as a woman - to get ahead. And while she looks hot, even if I had that body, I still would not wear that!

And maybe this hasn't been reported and I'm taking this the wrong way, but look at the sign this girl made about Justin Bieber! (SEE BELOW)

Really? We could metaphor-ize Justin Bieber's popularity into a fever energy fed off by millions of crying, screaming girls, but swine flu? A clever joke but it's just as funny (as in NOT) and offensive (as in YES) as that joke about Osama Bin Laden i.e. you ask Osama Bin Laden what time it is and he says 9:11? Sorry! Jokes that mock the most recent world epidemics and disasters are not funny!

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