Tuesday, August 24, 2010


From September 9th-19th, about 500 actors, celebrities, and directors alike will visit TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

The Toronto Star offered the entire lists of stars who are expected to drop by. Out of those lists, here's who you (or, at least, I) care about:

Abigail Breslin
Bill Gates
Bill Murray
Blake Lively
Bruce Springsteen
Clive Owen
  Colin Firth
Connor Paolo
Craig Roberts
David Suzuki
Ellen Page
Emma Roberts
Emma Stone
Hilary Swank
James Franco
Jay Baruchel
Jennifer Connelly
Josh Hartnett
Kat Dennings
Keanu Reeves
Kelly Preston
Kevin Spacey
Liv Tyler
Martha Wilson
Matt Damon
Megan Fox
Minnie Driver
Natalie Portman
Nicole Kidman
Olivia Newton-John
Penn Badgley
Robert De Niro
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Reynolds
Sarah Silverman
Uma Thurman
Will Ferrell

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