Sunday, August 1, 2010


I know we're all entitled to free speech, but seriously, someone should've banned these sites a LONGGGG time ago. We all know it, including the "things" that created these websites in the first place. Websites that serve as havens for infidelity, superficiality, and cyber bullying - at their most extreme. To those people who made and exploited the monsters that have hurt and killed so many, I ask you - how do you sleep at night?


...wins the award for one of the most narcissistic, egotistical, arrogant websites I've ever seen in my life. Members vote on potential members to determine whether they're "beautiful" enough to join, because apparently, "beautiful" people are only good enough for other "beautiful" people. One lady requested - and was rejected - to join 50 times. Wow, that must be a self-esteem booster - not! And tons of Canadians were kicked off the website for gaining Christmas poundage last year. But, hello, we need extra meat to stay warm in the winter, especially in frigid Canuck-style -30 degree weather. So, the people who are accepted on this website are a) genetically flawless or b) photoshopped to the max. Most likely, it's b), so when you meet your "beautiful people" offline, don't be surprised if you dislike what you find - or maybe lower your standards, and look in the mirror, before you call someone ugly!


Just to remind you readers, I didn't put these websites in chronological order or order of importance. But, if I did, this website would definitely be #1! is a blog where fellow locals don't gossip on celebrities but loved ones i.e. family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. It includes a list of main cities across the globe i.e. like Toronto. Just in case you're curious, anonymous comments are often made about Toronto models who are, like, seriously, "ugly" and "fat." Given these Toronto promo models are usually in their 20s, we're not dealing with hormonal teenagers here but friends of college students whose brains were supposed to reach full development by the age of 20. If you want to check it out, here's the link but I am warning you to use your own discretion. If you see your face on their page and they're calling models "ugly" and "fat," imagine what they would say about the Plain Jane or Average Joe - some that have even been driven to depression or suicide, because of this waste of space. Horrible.


I've already discussed this site a couple of times here, so I'll just summarize: Men (mostly) visit this site to cheat on their wives with one-night stand girls or sugar mamas. I'm ashamed to admit the founder is from Toronto and that Toronto is one of the major places infidelity occurs, but hey, are we really THAT surprised?

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