Monday, February 14, 2011


If my hour of perusing through red carpet pictures doesn't reign proof enough, the Grammy's is probably the most vital awards show for artists - and other celebrities alike - in the music industry. Oldies i.e. Mya, Monica, etc. and newbies i.e. Glee, Justin Bieber, etc. breathe and hum together to relish in yesterday night's announcements of today's biggest and brightest stars - brightest literally and metaphorically in their internal and external (ahem, fashion) achievements. Some glittered in all metallic, or in nothing at all (but scotch tape?) Let's take a look at who made the nominations for my best and worst-dressed lists - and believe me when I say there were a ton of applicants to choose from!

Let's start with the "nothing at all" category. Rihanna, we all know you have legs miles long and abs to die for. Must you rub that in by parading half-naked in bubble wrap?

Glee's Amber Riley debuts her hourglass curves in this strapless frock with intricate gold and silver detail. It's about time I showed some gals over a size 2 in my celeb fashion critiques!

Cyndi Lauper may have been the first woman to teach us that "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," but clearly, she's been having too much fun - so much fun that she chose a leather dress made for a Dominatrix and not for a Pop Queen like herself. Oops!

Somebody tell Hayley Williams the toddler ballet academy called, and they want their pink tutu back!

Supermodel Heidi Klum sports chopped locks and a metallic gold gown framing her warm complexion and slender physique. Absolutely stunning!

Another sheer faux pas! Jenna Ushkowitz, what were you thinking? We can't hear your incredible pipes, but we can see everything (almost including, um, your other pipes) here!

JLo returns back to her sexy late 90s urban chic style in this long-sleeved, short-hemmed, futuristic silver and see-through piece. Let's not forget to mention her gams and gals are more fabulous and firm than ever!

Katy Perry pins a new trend of genie/Victoria Secret angel/bride beautifully in this midriff-baring, diamond-covered bra/crop top and floor-length princess tail.

Kelly Osbourne pulls off this extremely frilly and girly purple number, by tying in a cute boa belt and trimming the hem above the knee to highlight her well-earned tiny waist and athletic calves.

Kim Kardashian's my love, so I just had to put her on this list! Flipping her famous dark waves over a halter gold gown that glistens around her tanned skin and toned curves, Kim again steals the fashion spotlight, and she hasn't even been nominated for her to-be-released debut album yet!

Weird. I call Cyndi Lauper off on a Dominatrix-leather choice that would most likely compromise as a more low-key option for Lady Gaga. Funny how that works, huh?

Speaking of "Can't be Tamed," this is probably (one of) the most classiest piece(s) ever worn by Miley Cyrus. Perhaps she will revisit her country roots, too?

Nancy O'Dell glows in this miniature beaded blue frock with nude heels that lengthen and lean out her already long and toned legs, thereby creating the "centre of attention"!

Natasha Bedingfield captures classic Hollywood glamour with pinned waves and form-fitted cleavage, until she gets lost in a transparent floral bottom set.

Nicki Minaj reminds us of her original style in this (okay, Lady Gaga-like) wig? and leopard-print dress and nylons set. Rawr? Meow? Or angry kitty screech?

Finally, the pint-sized Snooki embraces a more elegant version of herself in this quarter-sleeved, high-neckline metallic number with a flattering layered side bang and dangling earrings.  No Waaaaa-ing here!

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