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From their innocent, child-like handwritten website ( to dark, adult lyrics about "Fake Drugs" ("there's cool side under your pillow, flip it"), Hollerado completes every end of the spectrum to earn a Juno nomination for "New Group of the Year" (alongside My Darkest Days and Said The Whale, respectively). And this isn't just an act for an awards show; the fact that the group were "childhood best friends" supports their cute friendliness in multimedia and communicating openly about their experiences through music together. Emotionally surviving from a confiscated bar to conquering fears of snakes and ladders, group bassist Dean Baxter shows us why that whether Hollerado or no Hollerado, their love will still live on.

V.B. So, how did a group of childhood best friends finally decide to turn their lifelong bond into a band?

D.B. The band has always been there. We had been playing together for years, but just as something to do in our tiny town. Then the one bar in the whole town burnt down, and we took it as a sign that it was time to move on. So, we started writing our own songs and hit the road.

V.B. Do you remember your first memories as children or favourite memories as friends?

D.B. Menno took Nick and Jake to the fair one year, when Jake was 10. They decided to hop on the old crazy swings - you know, the ones that lift off the ground and swing you in a big circle. They all get on Jake who is sitting in front of Nick, who is sitting in front of Menno - and the thing starts picking up speed and swinging the guys around. Jake must of had a bad hot dog or something, because he puked, missing Nick who was right behind him and hitting Menno who caught it all over his chest.

V.B. Being nominated for a Juno, do you think you possess some authentic element or competitive advantage over other bands or musicians (in Canada, etc.), and why?

D.B. No, I wouldn't say that at all. There are so many great bands out there that just don't get the exposure, and no one's ever even heard about them.

V.B. Why do you think your song/band should win that specific Juno award?

D.B. I can't say that we should win that award, but we have worked hard the past four-and-a-half years. A Juno award is definitely something to be proud of - recognition of the effort we have put into our work.

V.B. I can see that some of your songs - like "Juliette" and "Fake Drugs" - have some very interpretative lyrics. Do these lyrics derive from experiences or methods of brainstorming that you can recommend to other writers or songwriters?

D.B. I didn't think the lyrics to "Juliette" were that interpretive at all. It's basically just a story of a woman's last couple days before she dies. "Fake Drugs" is a little more interpretive, but we don't have any set way of writing. It's usually pretty clear which way a song will go in the early stages of writing it, so it's just a matter of effectively harnessing those initial emotions into something you can put down on paper.

V.B. Speaking of "Fake Drugs," do you believe more symbolic, indirect addictions - like shoplifting, sex, gambling, etc. - can be compared to real drugs, and why?

D.B. Yes, that's what the song is about. The TV show Strange Addictions has clearly shown all of us that real drugs aren't the only drugs out there anymore.

V.B. What's your ultimate "addiction," fetish, or fave(s)? Any specific interests, hobbies, etc.?

D.B. Tetris.

V.B. Speaking on the lines of expressing feelings about such real issues, going from Canada (Junos) to even the US and internationally, how - or would - you ever spark controversy? Would you ever pull a Lady GaGa or Marilyn Manson kind of image?

D.B. I don't think so. We're just a rock band.

V.B. What would you definitely do or never do? What would be your bests or worsts (fears)?

D.B. Life size snakes and ladders. I hate heights and snakes. Not doing it.

V.B. Finally, what are your long-term goals for the future? Any last words?

D.B. Hopefully, we won't have any last words for a while. We just plan on writing as MuchMusic as we can and try not to suck at it.

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