Monday, May 23, 2011


...In Vegas, baby! Uh-huh! That's where the 2011 Billboard Awards took place, and while that may cry as a valid excuse for celebs to glitter in their most flashy "costumes," it may also push stars to take a hint and shine in their bright, bare bods instead. And for some of these deserving divas, they're already half-way there - um, naked, I mean.

They say strippers have the best bodies, and dressed like one at a bachelor party, Fergie makes no exception. Well, she still owns a curvaceous and muscular physique, but the "stripper" part is a bit more Little Red (Black) Riding Hood and a bit less "little." Still Fergilicious?

Kelly Rowland glitzes back into the music industry with this hot pink number. My two faves - pink and a bandage dress - join forces to bring Kelly's buxom yet petite figure centre stage. Move over, Beyonce! Another one of Destiny's children has met your match.

As for the stars who don't flatter their "points" in this constellation of an awards ceremony, Kesha proves yet again why she makes most "worst-dressed" lists. This piece squeezes her curves into a frumpy and sloppy state. And believe me when I say - Kesha, it's not you; it's the dress. However, you are what you wear - when you wear it.

Mary J. Blige returns in this overpowering yet sufficiently fashion-forward gown. The queen has left the building - asta la vista, baby!

Nicki Minaj never ceases to amaze me. Don't be fooled by her miniature stature and flaming pink tresses; she always knows how to make the quirkiest outfits cool.

The fiery redness of Rihanna's hair somehow balances out the pure whiteness of her jumpsuit. Completely covered - except for a plunging neckline with no visible cleavage - Rihanna probably looks the classiest that many have seen her in a while.

Speaking of "classy," Selena Gomez spices it up with a little more sex appeal than usual in this smokin' black cut-out designer dud. She completes the look with long, pin-straight locks and subtle makeup. Hey, who says Selena isn't perfect? 

Last but not least, Taylor Swift reinvents classic Hollywood glamour with golden waves, red lipstick, and a champagne-coloured label. She stands her ground after a history of tragic breakups and songs to show for it. Success really is the sweetest revenge.

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