Wednesday, May 11, 2011


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Sportsnet host Damian Goddard is ‘under attack’ for criticizing and opposing gay marriage. So, (at the risk of causing controversial discussion and possible Facebook drama), GAY MARRIAGE - yes or no?

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    • Christopher O'Driscoll Yes and why not...who are we to criticize them for their choice. In my opinion the sportsnet host is being narrowminded but he is of course entitled to his opinion
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    • Ryan Thomas I have absolutely no problem with it. I also have absolutely no problem with the Sportsnet host being against it. Having said that, I also have no problem with gay marriage supporters boycotting Sportsnet because of his statements as well. When you're a public figure, you have to be careful of what you say. You don't support gay marriage? Good for you - but don't expect people to love you because of it.
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    • Rachel Lambert Why not allow gay marriage. We have no right to criticize people for how they feel or who they're attracted to. I'd much rather live in a society where people are honest with themselves as well as other people about how they feel. This will lead to people being happier and therefore affect people's attitudes as a whole and quite possibly make this world a much happier place to live!
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    • Morrisa Silvert well, considering gay rights = human rights, gay marriage and human rights YES YES YES! And yes, the Sport's Net guy is wholeheartedly allowed to express his views and make an ass of himself.

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