Friday, October 28, 2011


Most stores distribute clothes that flatter just one body type. Despite the fact that we all own different bodies, many pieces are reserved only for the tall and thin supermodel. The number of "regular" stores outweigh the existing "plus-size" stores; but even though we have both (hey, we can't run around naked!), each store's attire is created in mind for both the extremely large plus-size or extremely taut "regular."

So, where's our in-betweens? What if you're not a size 2 or 20? If you have big boobs, forget squeezing into that buttoned blouse. Proud claimer of a booty? How did you get in 'em jeans? (No, really. How did you?) Or even with those thunder thighs? Well, the Kardashian sisters can provide their physical answers to these questions.

These ladies know how hard it is to find cute clothes for their buxom bods. After all, they're famous for their bods. And, yes, they may be rich and able to afford custom-made designer duds, but that doesn't mean every other girl can. So they designed inexpensive Kardashian Kollection SEARS attire, the answers to YOUR body/fashion issues. And it all starts with what's underneath.

Whether you're a statuesque Khloe, a petite Kourtney, or a bootylicious Kim, you can work your wonders in their line for outside (or inside) the bedroom. Need underwear to skim over wide hips? Check out the stretchy-comfy undies Kourtney's wearing in the above pic. Want to draw attention to your upper half? Opt for the girly pink lace bustier Khloe's in. It subtly lifts cleavage and camouflages tummy. Or are you blessed with a behind like Kim's? The corset-like top and bottom expose a tiny waist to better empha-size sexy fuller curves.

While these supermodels may not model close to your body type, there's no doubt these Kardashian-friendly pieces won't! Slender-ize an athletic bottom half in these black tights, or lengthen a shorter torso in the accompanying sweater! Switch from coy to conservative in the above pink dress that tames voluptuous sex appeal, while still accentuating a narrow waist. Or control yet amplify a bigger bust with this animal-printed blazer.

Speaking of animal prints, the Kardashians make it possible for curvier femmes to lounge in prints without adding unnecessary curvage. To avoid havocing too much busy-ness in the style, like Kourtney, you can balance out a savage blazer with human-wearing pants. Or unleash the hourglass like Khloe did with a leopard print v-neck jumpsuit that points and runches to the middle, while flowing around the rest of your figure. Finally, you can just decide to hold it all in with Kim's skin tight/animal skin dress.

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