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While she may be only 23, Mandy already exhibits Marilyn Monroe-esque characteristics. Like Marilyn, Mandy can simultaneously become the curvaceous girl next door and sweet sex symbol. However, Mandy integrates herself not only as her own person but as her own authentic 2011 version of Marilyn. She is not as known as Marilyn – of course – but she makes sure her face and voice are known. She is outspoken, (literally) tattooed with her thoughts, and doesn’t deceive with a corset or even much with photoshop. And, most importantly, she is influential. Women can both envy and admire her, because not only is Mandy irreplaceable; she does not represent an impossible, airbrushed fantasy.

Mandy stems from a striking genetic collaboration of Russian and Chinese. In her late teens, she started off in a wholesome bridal magazine. Still barely legal tattooed flesh , she successfully broke the mold of a conventional Hooters girl. Despite the fact that she challenges Playboy’s Barbie doll standards, she still aroused, titillated, and stimulated in the Toronto division of the 2010 Girls of Playboy Golf. She even debuted her natural female form in the erotic book “Confessions Sauvages.”

Whether she’s causing a stir in SHARP magazine for breaking Facebook “laws” or playing a riot in American Pie: Beta House, Mandy promotes her talent through various mediums. She has been elected as a feature guest multiple times this year: in the 2011 World of Motorcycles Expos (London and Kitchener), 2011 Super Show/International Bike Show, and the National Motorcycle Show (Toronto). She has graced the backpage as a Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl and a couple of times, either as feature or cover, of The Rider’s Mag (two consecutive months in a row – that’s a record, no?)

You can catch Mandy in the upcoming film Breakaway, playing a club dancer in a Ludacris music video. Or in a few calendars, including her own! And you can check out her food for thought here – in our exclusive interview. Here, Mandy talks about Hooters, adult magazines, cheaters, bullies, and that famous Ludacris music video. Check it out!

Being a Hooters Girl

I actually really enjoyed working at Hooters. I did SO well; everybody loved me and my tattoos! But, back then, I had fewer than I do now. It's a shame to say but, after about 3 months I realized that these girls were not only ditzy but much more friendly with the managers than any employee should be. Guys did try to pick me up, but not as much as you might think - nothing over the top. The managers were bigger pigs than the customers. Not every girl had big breasts. I will say the only thing that might have bothered me was the way the shorts were made with the elastic band did push out my love handles. (Laughs). But, what can I do?

Her Ideal Wedding

My ideal wedding would be extra glamorous! I can't wait for my wedding day. It will be all white and baby blue, my favorite color. Not TOO many people - close friends and family, of course. It will be a Russian and Serbian mixed wedding, with all foods from those nationalities. I am half Russian, and my boyfriend - who I am planning to marry - is Serbian. If I ever get rich enough, I would love for Shania Twain to sing at my wedding.

Posing for Adult Magazines

I will admit I have thought about Penthouse and Hustler, only because I was so desperate to get a cover on a magazine - ANY magazine. I was offered the cover of some adult magazines, but I thought about it, and I think my beauty is more than the raunchy, sexy kind. Even though I could pull that off, I am very versatile. But no, especially since I got with my current boyfriend, he wouldn't like that, and I think I would be disrespecting him if I were to do that now. Playboy though I would still do, and my boyfriend would not like it, but he understands how much it would mean to me. The title of being in Playboy is very big in the modeling industry, it opens a lot of doors, but it does close some at the same time too!

Being Too “Curvy” for the Industry

However, I have given up on Playboy. I don't respect them as much as I used to. I have applied over 50 times, attended live casting calls, and sent pictures to them online. They will not accept me, and I know why. I am too curvy/pudgy and tattooed for them. They are very close minded. They used to say they like the natural look, but now all I see are fake breasts all over their pages. They don't open their minds to the versatility of beauty all over the world. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but they don't see that.

I applied for some MMA Ring Girl jobs; some of them did like me, but one of the recruiters replied to me saying that they love my look but they would consider me, if I flattened my belly a bit more. If you look at my pictures, I have no six pack, but there's not much to flatten! I am FAR from perfect, I know I could have a banging body if I worked out a little more, but I have no need to. I like the way I am. We do not have to be bony or six packed-out to be models. It's just not like that anymore; people need to open their eyes a little more.

Modeling Scams

Any agency that asks for money is a scam; everyone knows that. Companies, not so much as certain photographers to look out for. If you are going to shoot with a photographer, always ask for at least 5 references from other models he's shot with, and ask them about their experience with him. Also, I am not comfortable with home studios but I do make exceptions, provided references or if friends of mine have shot with him. If you sense any weirdness or inappropriateness with a photographer, always trust your gut instinct. If you can, bring a friend with you for safety.

Being Too “Sexy for Facebook”

My images were all tasteful and in bikini or lingerie. I have haters; all of us models do. They get pissed, because their boyfriends are probably viewing our pages. Or they are insecure and hate to see me getting attention and being confident, so to make themselves feel better, they report me so they don't have to see me anymore. I've gotten used to it now, but it is annoying.

Her Calendar(s)

My calendar is going to have my modeling shots - nothing too fancy. It's my first, so it's pretty simple! I am in two calendars for 2013: Auto Body Hotties and Asian Mystique, which will be sold in Calendar Club stores next year.

Asian Women

Honestly, besides the perverted reasons men have for liking Asian women, I think it's the exotic features, especially with me being mixed (Chinese and Russian). It's the slant in the eyes, like with cat eyes, and I guess it's just something different next to the plain American girl-next-door look. Something different is always good! HINT HINT PLAYBOY!


There is nothing more I hate in life than CHEATERS. I am extremely strict, when it comes to cheating. Online cheating is the worst. It's so available and condoned it's disgusting, especially that bullshit; that should NOT even be legal! BUT, if a guy is willing to cheat on his girlfriend, then he is worthless and should not be with her. I believe if you really, truly love somebody, you wouldn't even have to think twice about cheating on them. The thought should not even cross your mind.

I feel cheaters cheat because they are shitty people, evil in a way. They know they will be hurting their gf/bf and do it anyway, so in that sense, they are evil to me. They are obviously insecure as well; some guys/girls do it because they need to feel that they can still get whatever they want.

The cheated-on: they have to move on and set rules in their next relationship. My current boyfriend? I know he would never cheat on me. How do I know? He has been my best friend since we were 17, and the type of man he is - he is just a good soul and thinks of cheating the same way I do.

So, maybe putting a little fear in them might help, but that doesn't mean they won't do it. Bottom line: if they love you, they won't. If they don't love you, they will. I think there should be a law against cheaters. They should be locked up for 5 years minimum; that should teach them.


I hate bullying. It's so cruel, and it really breaks my heart when I hear about kids committing suicide (as a result of bullying). The only way to really deal with this is leave it up to the parents. It's how these kids are raised that make them cruel bullies. Everything stems from home and how you were raised. Other than that, there needs to be harsher punishment. When someone bullies, especially if they bully a certain child to the point of suicide, they should be put in juvenile jail to scare the wits out of them. (That suicide) is indirect murder to me. I am also a firm believer that you treat others the way you want to be treated, and what goes around comes around. I would bully that bully back and see how they like it, but then it would just end in a bully war, but that is what I would do.

What Really Happened in the Ludacris Video

Well, this story will show you another terrible side of the modeling industry. Whores get dibs.

I was told I was getting a lead role, being next to Ludacris and what not. Then I find out an unattractive set of twins get that role, because they were apparently sucking off the talent manager. I was still right behind Ludacris in the video, but you can't even see me. At the end of the shoot, I said something to the guy that got me the job. And you know what he told me? That's just how the business is...

This is something I already knew, but the point of putting a PRETTY girl next to the star in a video is to (grab the attention of the audience). I do say that there is beauty in everybody, but some are better looking than others, and when you are told that, you expect what you were promised.

So there was my confirmation - from the talent manager himself. Needless to say I was very irritated.

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