Monday, November 21, 2011


When Canadian superstars like Drake, Justin Bieber, and Nickelback appear at an American Music Awards show, you know Canadians have reset norms for the mainstream industry. Not only do these Canadians take pride in their culture and alternative paths to fame i.e. YouTube, mixtapes, television programs, etc., they exude confidence in their eclectic and original fashion choices. But, one thing's for sure. Whether American or Canadian, older like JLo grinding in a barely there suit or younger like Sophie Grace and her sister belting out Nicki Minaj in pink tutus, every walk of life in the 2011 AMA's caused reaction - for better or worse.

Heidi Klum's a mom who's definitely still has it going on! Rocking a silver minidress (is it cutout? ah, the mystery), Heidi can show off her toned legs and still leave enough to the imagination.

Jennifer Morrison is white hot in blonde hair and a white dress! Actually, it's more cream. But, with her subtle waves and plunging neckline, Jennifer can still keep it simple - without the monotony!

While some can pull off simple sophistication, others may just be more naturally inclined to create complicated chaos. Katy Perry strikes a pose, assertive with her pink hair and flattering frock. Is it all written in Chinese, Japanese? Who knows - or cares? Katy's famously big bust and small waist take centre stage.

There's no doubt Mary J. Blige looks amazing, considering we can still tell while she's hiding in this overwhelming animal print. Not even a hint of her strong gams or solid stomach. Shame.

Speaking of overwhelming, Phoebe Price's "gown" - with faux fur? (I'm hoping) and unnecessary stripes running in every direction - is just too much. Too wild to be a wedding dress, but too tame to be a Lady Gaga outfit.

Damn, they're actually cute! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez surely emulate some retro couple with their slick hairstyles and upscale attire. You know what they say - "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - and the young ones have it made in old school Hollywood glamour. Impressive!

Winning three awards, Taylor Swift dresses the part - playing the country/pop princess she is. This strapless, sparkling glass of champagne is no "love story," though. Both Taylor and her dress are the real deal.

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