Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus Is Posing for Playboy!

Oh if the dirrty outfits and music video haven't convinced you that Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana "can't be tamed," then this definitely will!

You can't be more untamed than when you're full out in the buff (unless you're "doing" something, if you know what I mean). Anyway, Miley will be down to her skivvies in no time - a day after her 18th bday (November 23rd) - for the raunchy, soft-core men's magazine!

Apparently, Miley had a little chat with their parents, and they even agreed that she should appear in the timeless publication/phenomenon that has revolutionized the image of beauty and women internationally. Yes, Miley is 18 and legally entitled to make her own decisions - and, yes, Miley could be conveying her nude body in an artistically classy way, but honestly, that whole "I-can't-wait-till-she's-18" bit is a little bit...disturbing!

Back in 2008 when 15-year-old Miley did those "scandalous" Vanity Fair photos (with her open back and lipstick red lips), Hugh Hefner offered Miley a shoot for Playboy when she turned 18 and commented that she is a "very pretty lady." Yes, she is a very pretty lady, but damn Hugh, you couldn't wait 'till she was 18 and legal to do that! It's almost molested thinking that! Obviously, when someone's a teenager and they're close - or look close enough - to being an adult, it's understandable that you find that individual attractive in a non-childish way, but still - she was a teenager! To say that for the public to know, it almost seems as if you had a motive to break a certain law. If I was Billy Ray Cyrus, I'd be like "yee dawgy, stay away from my little girl." Mhmmm.

And "every woman wants to pose for Playboy"? Hmm, maybe deep down inside - every woman wants to leash out her sexiness - but I think many of them would prefer keeping their clothes on while doing so. Thoughts?


  1. I agree, a woman can be sexy, and portray her sensuality without having to 'loose' her clothing.

  2. "every woman wants to pose for Playboy"

    - Miley didn't say that! Someone from Playboy did. So don't get it twisted thanks.