Monday, October 18, 2010


Reports have been released that Justin Bieber punched a (not-so) innocent 12-year-old boy. But, it turns out the 12-year-old boy decided to pull a fast one on 16-year-old Bieber and hurl homophobic slurs to his face, which actually resulted in a slap...

Bieber and the 12-year-old boy (who shall remain anonymous because of his age) both attended to a bowling alley in Richmond, British Columbia (I'm assuming not together, unless the 12-year-old boy is a family, friend - or according to homophobic slurs - "maybe more"). Of course, the 12-year-old had the audacity to begin tormenting Bieber (who should have been surrounded by bodyguards?)

Now, why would a 12-year-old even think to try assaulting an older, famous "girl toy"? Publicity stunt, maybe? But his identity will be protected, so there'd be no point to that. I was also questioning whether it'd make more sense that the initial allegations were correct, and Justin Bieber punched the 12-year-old boy (or vice versa). Come on, Justin! Pick on someone your own size! short is the 12-year-old %&^$ disturbor?

Or you could parody the accusation about Justin Bieber punching a 19-year-old, but hey, who are we kidding?

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