Monday, April 4, 2011


Did you know that stress causes a hormone called cortisol to spike up and trick you into feeling hungry, thereby increasing chances of weight gain or even obesity? Did you also know that stress can lead to depression, (feelings of) suicide, cancer, and heart problems - amongst other things? Yes, many (or all) of these issues (including anxiety) are hereditary and cannot be completely suppressed through natural or medical health remedies. However, many of these stress-related illnesses can be prevented or diminished through relaxation. How do you relax in this technology-obsessed, overworked world, you ask? Well, all of us need to take at least some time for ourselves for the sake of our mental health. You can even take a mental health day off! Dance the heat off or stretch your worries away in yoga. Allow yourself to be lavished in a yummy firming or calming chocolate body wrap, a facial, or a Vichy shower during a day at the spa. Shop 'till you drop, go to the hair salon, get a makeover; after all, looking good is feeling good! Belt your heart out at a local Karaoke bar, laugh away at a comedy show, or pick up some guys at a speed-dating event. The world is your oyster. No matter what your budget or schedule, everyone deserves to take a break. You need and want to! 

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