Thursday, June 9, 2011


The wait is “Over” for The Brilliance’s highly anticipated release “All I’ve Ever Known,” a 5-song compilation telling stories about love and loss in no particular order. With a sound reminiscent of The Beatles, The Brilliance belts out their heartbreak in the hit single (and soon to be music video) “It’s Over.” Despite the assertive high notes and rockin’ guitar solos, the vibe maintains optimistic and confident throughout the EP. Like in “I Can Fly,” where the band softly serenades us with lyrics such as these: “I can fly but tonight I’m going to walk with you.” And in the inspirational tune “Weight of the World,” where they cry “don’t let the weight of the world drag you down.” Let’s not forget the more romantic “Around the Earth,” where the beginning’s slower tempo quickly progresses into a racing rhythm, running while “search(ing)” for your love around the earth.” And finally, the album-titled “All I’ve Ever Known” promises an equilibrium of old and new rock, raspier and delicate vocals, as well as more guitar solos and words of wisdom. You can purchase The Brilliance’s EP “All I’ve Ever Known” at ITunes from Apple.

V.B. What have you done differently from this EP than the last?

T.B. When recording this EP, we paid more attention to the quality of the recordings as well as the use of production and engineering, to a greater degree. Our simplistic artwork for the album ultimately compliments the sound of our band much better that our last EP. As a band, we have found our "sound" and are very proud of this accomplishment.

V.B. What are your fave and least fave songs on this EP, and why?

T.B. Funny you should ask, because we all have different answers! Gary's fave songs are "Weight of the World" and "All I've Ever Known."AJ's is "Around the Earth." Jay's is " I Can Fly." Bret's is "It's Over." So I guess we would all have different answers for our least favourite (laughs).

V.B. Any last words? What’s coming up next?

T.B. We are in the writing process - as we speak - and working on putting together our first full -length album (for January-ish). A music video is being shot, starting June 13th for the song "It's Over," which will hit radio and maybe MuchMusic this summer!

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  1. Can't wait for the video. These guys are The Brilliance and they are brilliant.