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(The) Stereos are Pat K (vocals), Daniel (bass), Miles (guitar), Robby (guitar), and Aaron (drums). They became "the" band on disBAND and brought their singles to radio play i.e. "Summer Girl," "Butterflies," "Bye, Bye Baby." This Sunday, Stereos will honour their nomination for "Cinematography of the Year" ("Uncontrollable") at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards. Here, they answer some basic (and personal!) questions. Check it out.

V.B. You changed the name of your band twice. What made you decide on the name "Stereos?"
S. "Stereos" was just simple and catchy enough that we thought it was a perfect fit. We always wanted something that could take on many different meanings and wasn't hard to remember.

V.B. So, you all got started on disBAND? How was it like competing on a reality TV show? Any unusually dramatic tensions between bands? Or gossip you'd like to clear up?

S. disBAND is what helped us gain recognition, but it happened for us years into pursuing music. We already worked together so much to get us to that point. The only rumour that always comes up is what Gene Simmons' involvement with our band is - because he appeared on our episode - but the answer is a "simple handshake," and that was it.

V.B. Your first single was "Summer Girl." Speaking of which - and in light of the fact that summer has just begun - do/did you have any memorable summer flings or romances?

S. I have many.

V.B. Speaking of songs, you guys have more than a couple of songs about love/women i.e. "Butterflies" and "She Only Likes Me When She's Drunk." Do these songs draw on personal experiences for you?

S. They totally do, unfortunately. But it's always good to be able to draw on personal experience, so the song is more meaningful.

V.B. What would you say were your most vital or fascinating relationships, and why? What have you learned from these relationships?

S. I'd never mention specific romantic relationships, but the most vital relationships have been with my family and closest friends.

V.B. What do you look for in a woman, physically and personality wise? Do you have a set archetype or celebrity whom you are infatuated with?

S. Well, ideally, I'd describe my physical preference as "hot." But, more importantly, she has to have a sense of humour, because I'm completely hilarious, and it's really annoying to chill with a girl who doesn't agree. I am currently in love with Kimberly Perry, lead singer of The Band Perry. I saw them live the other night, and I could tell we would get along so well. Call me, Kim...

V.B. You've been nominated for an MMVA "Cinematography of the Year" for "Uncontrollable." Describe to us the concept of the video. Why do you believe the video should win?

S. The concept of the video revolves around the band getting ready to go for a pickup to play a club performance in Havana, Cuba, except for me, because I found a very hospitable local girl to show me
around the city instead. I loved that city, and it's my favourite video we've done yet; I'd love to see it win.

V.B. You guys implement a very distinct sound that allows your fans to instantly recognize your music. Would you ever make any drastic changes? Who would you love to collaborate with that your fans may be surprised to know?

S. All I know for sure is that I will always make music. As to what it sounds like, I have no idea. I would love to collaborate with Brad Paisley.

V.B. Any last words? Advice or goals for the future?

S. Thank you for the interview! And thanks to anyone who read it. My only goal for the future is to keep making music.

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