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“We all have our own Mount Everest,” says frontman Spyros ‘Spee’ Chalkiotis, “and we’re never going to rest until we accomplish the things we want to as a band.” And for Neverest (who includes band members Spee Chalkiotis, Mike Klose, Paul Loduca, and Brendan Colameco), their Mount (N)everest is (you guessed it!) Neverest. Back in 2007, Klose and Spee accepted two of the members and started business with producer Mike ‘MK’ Kiofos of Vic Park Productions (Keshia Chanté, Aleesia, Snow, Massari, and Dan Talevski). As their musical careers established potential, Neverest also caught the attention of Vic Park’s managers, 3 Street Management, leading them into the hands of industry powerhouses CJ Huyer (3Deep) and Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys). Sooner than later, in October 2010, Neverest's debut hit "About Us" - co-produced in Toronto by globally acclaimed producer/songwriter Anthony M. Jones (Ashanti, Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly) - was blasted on radio stations across Canada. Now, they're celebrating the release of their second single "Everything" on stage with NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys) and hopefully their MMVA nomination for "Cinematography of the Year." Check out Brendan's answers to my email questions!

V.B. Spyros says that "we all have our own Mount Everest." Is that why you called your band Neverest? Other than the band, what would you consider your own Mount Everest?

B.C. We take our own craft very seriously, so taking our drumming, guitar chops, vocal abilities to the top is a goal for all of us.

V.B. "About Us" was co-produced by Anthony M. Jones, a globally renowned producer/songwriter who has worked respectively with Ashanti, Mary J. Blige, and R.Kelly. How was it like collaborating with him?

B.C. Anthony is a legend. He is so well respected, and everything he’s ever done for us turned out to be incredible. In such a short time, we gained such respect for him from seeing how great his ideas are and how he understood what sound we were going for right away.

V.B. Do you guys write your own songs as well? What would you say is your most interesting, memorable, or important song, and why?

B.C. We collaborate on all of our songs. It could start with an idea Spee, Brendan, Mike, or Paul has, and our production team will help us mold the songs - or the other way around. It’s always good to have another set of ears helping make our songs monsters! "Blame Me" and "Hello/Goodbye" are our favourites to play live, because they have a lot of energy to us.

V.B. Being educated to perform and learn instrument use in university or professional training, would you say the programs are really worth the money? Do you think you can tell the difference in mainstream artists who haven't acquired that same knowledge or training?

B.C. An education in music is always good to have under your belt. It definitely applies to what we’re doing, and is a big help with songwriting. On the other hand, Brendan and Paul took the approach of playing live and on recordings as much as possible. Just gaining experience could also help. (Experience and playing) can both bring you to the music world, even though they also both have their pros and cons.

V.B. I would describe your sound as a delicate recipe of R&B, soft rock, and pop. How about you?

B.C. We agree with that! The band molded from a more hard rock background, so we still try to bring the rock aspect into pop.

V.B. Inspired by 90s musicians like Michael Jackson and BSB, what's your take on 90s music? Was the music better or worse than it is now? What's your fave 90s song or song from any decade?

B.C. I think it was much more organic and natural than music now. Grunge was huge in the 90s; it was nothing but raw rockin’ tunes. Now, production has moved quickly with technology, and it really shows in the music being released now. Some stuff from the 90s we like are BSB, Michael Jackson, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Primus, etc.

V.B. BSB's Howie Dorough and 3Deep's CJ Huyer co-produced your album. How was it like having a major influence of your's guiding and propelling your musical career to that extent?

B.C. They’re the back bone to everything we do. They run a management company called 3Street Management. Because of their management, they’ve gotten us to where we are today.

V.B. How do you feel about Americans (i.e. BSB) bringing in the Canadian (you, CJ Huyer) flavour? Do you believe it's less patriotic as a country or more harmonic as a world to do that? Can you notice the similarities and differences between Canadian and American music - production, sound, or media wise, etc.?

B.C. I think there are a lot of similarities in the sound, since so many Canadians and American are collaborating together now. I think Canada has had a good boost lately with Justin Bieber and Drake putting us on the map. The help from Americans on their work makes it what it is.

V.B. What would you be doing, if you weren't in a band?

Mike: In school, getting my law degree
Brendan: Something in fashion or skateboarding..not very well
Paul: Acting or working another way in the music biz
Spee: Acting

V.B. What's coming up for you guys?

B.C. Hopefully our own headlining tour and a full length album in November!

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