Wednesday, June 15, 2011


These Kids Wear Crowns are nominated for two awards at the MMVAs: "People's Pick: Ur Fave Video" and "Best Video Effects" - all that for their single "Jumpstart," and a bag of chips. Check out our quick Q&A.

V.B. How did you guys meet?

T.K.W.C. We all went to high school together. After high school, we were all in different bands. Our first show was on MuchMusic's Disband. We toured with Gypsy's band in October 2009; eventually, Gypsy's band fell apart. Josh met Jason, the drummer messaged us on Facebook, and it all just fell into place...

V.B. Where did you all grow up? 

T.K.W.C. I (Alex) am from Chilliwack, British Columbia; that's where we actually all live. Josh is from Surrey, England; he was born in Alberta and grew up in Vancouver. Ethnicity wise, our families combined originated from the UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, and Ireland.

V.B. You just filmed the cover for Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Why did you choose to readapt that song?

T.K.W.C. We like to do covers outside of our genre, so we can make it all our own. We can't do anything as good as the original, if it's too similar to our's. When we went to EMI to ask permission to use the song and they said "yes," we saw an opportunity. We loved the music video; it drew us to the song even more. The music video was set in the 80s (1987, to be exact), so we used dancing and a prop as Whitney Houston. We go back in time; it's definitely a voyage through time and space. Hopefully, it'll make the final cut.

V.B. Who are your influences?

T.K.W.C. We love all different types of music - R&B, metal, pop, hip hop. Katy Perry (on her last album) and Foo Fighters (on their new album) are big influences for us. (We like) Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Jay Z/Alicia Key's "Empire State of Mind."

V.B. What's the Neon Army Love? Does it have to do with performing in Singapore and Australia? 

T.K.W.C. It's an exclusive name for our fans. We love to help out charities in different areas of the world.

V.B. What's it like making an album?

T.K.W.C. We made some demos and went down to Dallas to do another EP. We did some in LA and up here in Vancouver. It's really fun.

V.B. There are 6 guys in your band. If you could choose one word or phrase i.e. "Most likely to..." (in your high school yearbook) to describe each member, what would it be?

T.K.W.C. Matt: party. Gypsy: a gypsy, because he'll eat anything. Josh: cool, laid back. Joey: European, stylish, handsome. Allan: timekeeper. Me (Alex): running back, football.

V.B. What are you guys doing now?

T.K.W.C. We're touring BC right now. However, we will be at the MMVAs (this Sunday)!   

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