Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Edward Maya released an European freestyle single appropriately titled “Stereo Love.” But, little did he know a Canadian voice would soon be inserted into the remix, a voice from a young woman who sounds and looks like an angel: Mia Martina. With a hum as pure and unedited as a computerized dance recording can utilize, Mia serenades us with the lyrics "hmm, when you're gunna stop breaking my heart," with such distinct vulnerability that is now instantly recognized, downloaded, and shared by fans across the globe. But as gifted as the brunette bombshell is beautiful, Mia can thank timing as apart of her journey through success. Born and raised in St. Ignace - a small New Brunswick village of roughly 500 - this exotic beauty traveled to Ottawa for university, which is also where she came across an ad for an internship with her now home label CP Records (Belly, Massari, etc.). A year later, she finally gained the confidence to showcase her vocal abilities to CP CEO Tony Sal. Of course, with Mia's striking resemblance to hottest actress Megan Fox - piercing light eyes, stunning dark locks, warm olive epidermis, and all - how could CP Records say "no"? Before she knew it, Martina was done delivering CDs to radio stations and office admin work, and starting to sing backup in the studio for Danny Fernandes and Belly. Dance music’s most prestigious label, Ultra, was planning to remix a European hit by Edward Maya called “Stereo Love.” The song slaughtered the Top Ten on the Canadian pop charts, climbed up the US dance charts, and received noms for a dance Juno as well as an MMVA for “Most Watched Video of the Year." In preparation for the MMVAs and her second single“Latin Moon,” Mia takes a few minutes to answer my email questions.

V.B. How does it feel having your single "Stereo Love" on the globe's largest dance label Ultra Records (alongside deadmau5, Benny Benassi, and Tiesto)?

M.M. It's honestly such an amazing opportunity for me. I thank my blessings everyday for everyone who believed in me, for making this happen.

V.B. Do you feel like you're inclined to perform dance/house music? Are you open to other genres of music as well?

M.M. I love dance music, and at the moment, that is my main focus. But, I am also a big fan of Pop and R&B.

V.B. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are timeless icons. You performed their songs at the tender age of 3 years old. What would you say were - or are - your favourite moments in Whitney's and Michael's careers? Was there anything about them you exhibited, even as a young child?

M.M. Yes, of course - like their passion for their music, and how they were able to sound so amazing live. (I also love the fact that) they were so dedicated to their fans and still remained very humble.

V.B. How did you get in touch with CP Records? At what moment did they discover your talent?

M.M. I got signed to CP 4 years ago. I started working as an intern, and from then, I gave Tony Sal my demo. He thought I sounded great and put me on Danny Fernandes' first album for a song called "Nonchalant." From then on, I started recording. He thought I had what it take to make it in the industry, so he signed me, and then came Stereo Love. I thank him everyday for believing in me.

V.B. How was it meeting - and performing with - Danny Fernandes and Belly?

M.M. It was amazing!!! When I went on tour with Danny, I got to experience large stadiums and crazy fans (laughs). It gave me really good experience as a performer. Belly was a great coach in the studio; he taught me so many things that helped me to where I am today.

V.B. How was it like shooting the video for "Chasing the Rush" with Marc Andre Debruyne in the Las Vegas desert? Any concepts of the music you can explain to us?

M.M. It was HOT (laughs) but such a great experience. The video is in the desert with really beautiful cinematography and a nice story line, so please stay tuned for it.

V.B. What are you hoping to accomplish in the future? What advice can you give to aspiring performers based on your enormous experience and dedication to music throughout the years?

M.M. I hope to continue making great music and keep touring all around the world for my fans. The best advice I have is that when you have a dream, never give up no matter what anyone tells you. You have to keep trying and always stay positive.

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