Monday, September 6, 2010


How's my favourite Canadian cutie patootie?

Someone's jealous! Being a hunky heartthrob to millions of girls for over a year now, Justin Bieber must know that you're gunna have lovers and haters making noise about you, which isn't all bad - because HATERS make you famous!

However, Justin Bieber decided to drop his always-sweet-and-forgiving smile and stand up (well, virtually, anyway) yesterday night to a "hater" on YouTube!!

Someone made a counterfeit account and wrote some nasty comments on Justin's "Baby" music video, so the REAL Justin, being the mature child he is, replied (obviously with his verified account):

"@JBISFAGGOT u really made a youtube channel just to hate on me? Who is the dumbass now? How does it feel living in your mother's basement the rest of your life? Enjoy. HI HATERZ :) ok. no more responding. but seriously... GET A LIFE!"

Despite the fact that this guy is a bit (understatement of the year) overrated, I think Justin Bieber is adorable and talented - and, thereby, shouldn't be cyberbullied relentlessly by an anonymous - or possibly dangerous - "fan."


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