Monday, September 13, 2010


Apparently, this year, sheer and sparkle are back in and ready to excite - ahem, I mean entice - the fashion and media world. Here are my verdicts:

The Hills alum Audrina Patridge is the one of the few who can pull off this diamond shine-and-colour minidress number. She doesn't pair it with too flashy accessories, so it's not too much sparkle, and the colours all match in a subtle way. It hugs her taut and toned silhouette just right, along with a belt wrapped around her waist - like a bow on top of a gift. Can you say Christmas?

As crazy as the feather and sheer combo is, I actually really like Ciara's get-up. It drapes off her buff arms and shoulders, while still feminizing her slight bust and hips, thereby eluding a more hourglass frame. The feather-edness is positioned correctly - near the bottom and revealing just the right amount of leg, so it's more red carpet and not so saloon girl.    

Kesha's mohawk is still so tamed for someone with such a wild image. It blends in with her skanky spandex, pleathery, martian-like look - whatever that is. Wouldn't wear it myself, yet somehow she pulls it off, because, after all, she is - Kesha. 

OMG, where do I start? Lady Gaga has two spots on my fashion dos-and-don'ts list. If you're flabbergasted by this outfit, you haven't seen anything yet! This is more flapper than Ciara's, complete with a corresponding headpiece and what-did-you-do-to-afford-that? jewellery. Of course, she can answer that rhetorical question with "Oh, I took off my clothes and danced for millions," and if she wasn't Lady Gaga, we would take that hypothetical response in an entirely different way - as well as that Chinese New Year red tablecloth she's sporting :)

Spoke too soon. Lady Gaga is a repeat offender (or creative genius, to some) in this not-as-controversial-as-a-meat-bikini painting of a Church stained glass window and fan headwear. Sure she didn't incorporate her also kinda Chinese New Year fan headpiece into the wrong outfit? Maybe not. It seems as if she's so into interior design - or non-furniture house decoration :) 

Love Snooki (my fave Jersey Shore gal) and her somewhat cut-out blue patterned minidress. Of course, with the long, dark bangs and her diminutive size, Snooki could be confused for an also too-cute Nicki Minaj. Snooki poses for the camera, flattering her full curves by angling her body to the side and putting her hand on one hip. I think I'll try that next time I'm caught by a snap-happy club photographer.

Sofia Vergara looks ab-solutely gorgeous with her luscious dark waves gracefully falling around glistening dangling earrings and on top of a curve-hugging, glittery LBD. In my opinion, no one shined like Sofia did that night. Enough said. Bravo. 

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