Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In March 2010, Lindsay Lohan sued Internet financial company E*Trade for mentioning her first name in a commercial for a "milkaholic" baby. Yesterday, both defendants resolved the $100 million lawsuit.

The details regarding the settlement will remain private, but according to Dina Lohan (Lindsay's mother), she is "very happy" with what came out of this, including Lindsay's abundant moola gain.

I'm not sure as to what's more disturbing here...the fact that a commercial would exploit an innocent infant into mocking a serious alcoholic addiction or that there is such thing as a baby becoming reliant on drugs, if his or her mother consumed some while the baby were still in her womb. Either way, the parent of this baby shouldn't have let him or her be apart of this media charades, even if the baby was hypothetically addicted to her "milk." Sigh...what companies will do to separate their milk from the rest :)

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