Thursday, September 30, 2010


On the most recent episode of "Glee" - where Britney Spears made a cameo appearance - Lea Michele did her own little rendition of Brit's infamous debut hit "(Hit Me) Baby One More Time."

While I commend producers for choosing Brit - and this song - to cover an episode (I loved the Madonna one too; I sung my way through, and I can belt out each legendary artists' tunes on-key and word-by-word), Lea Michele doesn't mesh well with the song's upbeat tone. Lea sounds too pretty and high-pitched in accordance with Britney's intended raspy, sexy voice and the song's bubblegum pop rhythm. Speaking of sexy, while both Britney and Lea look good (and similar) in their respective music videos, Lea's imitations of Britney's pouty facial expressions, lazy eye contact, and sensual choreography just weren't convincing.

Sorry, Glee! You can't just replace an original with a copy :)

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