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If you haven't heard of Tracy Nova, you must've seen her. With dark, exotic half-Filipina/half-white facial features and a petite but ample 5'1 and 94-lb physique, she's hard to miss in her appearances on UWC, Hollywood Poker, PASMag, FHM, American Curves, Playboy, Importfest, and, let's not forget, a memorable parody - the "Junk in the Trunk" commercial. But, now, I'm giving this vision a voice. Here, I talk to Tracy about everything from sexy Vegas careers to sick rides to her "adult" website - and back. Check it out:

V.B. Where did you grow up exactly, and how did it empower you to take on modelling?

T.N. I mainly grew up in Orlando, Florida, and I started modeling by random people coming up to me saying that I should model. I took that into consideration, and everything blew up from there.

V.B. Now, you work in Las Vegas? What kinds of opportunities have been available to you working there? How many crazy, sexy jobs are there really? What really goes down in Las Vegas :)

T.N. Actually, I work everywhere - Las Vegas, California, Seattle, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, Toronto, NYC, Montreal, and so much more! Even went to Sydney for work too! But, I do know a few things about Las Vegas. And yes, there are lots of sexy jobs - anything from casino dealers, cocktail waitresses, dancers, performers, modeling, bartenders, etc. The list goes on!

V.B. How did you get to where you are now? What small gigs did you accept that led to the bigger part of the industry?

T.N. I did lots and lots of networking! Making great connections and friends - I just kept stepping forward.

V.B. You've appeared in Importfest (here in Toronto) and on the cover of Super Street Magazine various times. How much do you know about cars OR what new car would you say is your favourite or best choice, and why?

T.N. I don't know too much about cars, but I try and learn from all my friends that works in that industry. My favorite cars are Nissan 240 s14 (Silvia), Nissan Skyline GTR, and the NSX.

V.B. You were also a UWC Ring Card girl and a Hollywood Poker girl. Other than poker, etc., is there anything else entailed with those two jobs that most people aren't aware of?

T.N. When I was a ring card girl for UWC, we would do many appearances, events, photo shoots, promos, and, of course, workout! And when I was a model for Hollywood Poker, we did shoots for the website, calendars, and promo material. We also played online against other players and fans too. That was a lot of fun!

V.B. Speaking of cars and what not, you also had a speaking part in the "Junk in the Trunk" commercial. Apparently, at one point, this was a very popular product/advertisement. If you can remind us, was there any backlash in response to this commercial, and would you say it helped you advance in your modelling career even more?

T.N. There was no backlash. It was a fun and silly infomercial. If you watch it, you can clearly see it's all jokes and entertainment. It helped my career by adding more experience in the TV/Film area.

V.B. Your exotic look has been indulged in men's publications, like PASMag, American Curves, Playboy, and FHM. Are you mixed? How do you incorporate your culture into your everyday life?

T.N. Yes, I am mixed. I am half Filipino and half Caucasian. I am very culturally diverse. I actually listen to lots of Korean pop, Japanese rock, and Chinese pop. I watch lots of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese movies, and also Anime. I eat all kinds of food, but mainly Asian and seafood.

V.B. You also have a members website, but you don't accept any adult work. How do you draw the line on your website or in any other mediums that challenges the definition of what is considered "adult," and why? In other words, what will you do or not do specifically?

T.N. I consider my website to still be "adult," but it doesn't cross the line of exploiting myself too much. On my website, it's mainly implied to topless. Very classy and tasteful, but still very sexy, artsy, and provocative.
I will only accept work that is implied only. My website will be the only one that goes topless!

V.B. You're very petite (at 5'1 and 98 lbs), yet you have successfully achieved various types of modelling, such as being a runway model at the Ed Hardy Harajuku Lovers Fashion Show and being a model in a bridal commercial. How do you market yourself in such a competitive industry that relies mostly on women over 5'7/5'8? How do you feel about the media's "attempt" to include women of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities?

T.N. It's hard in this industry! I'm not going to lie! But, the thing that I love about it is that there are many different categories that anyone can fall into: lifestyle, commercial, glamour, runway, fashion, bikini, fitness, lingerie, nude, fetish, business, plus-size, etc.

V.B. Am I missing anything that you would like to discuss? What's coming up for you in the nearby future, or what would you like to do (in terms of your career or personal life)?

T.N. It feels like only bigger things are going to start happening - from this point on! So, look out for it! Don't forget to check out my website. of course - - and I'd like to thank all my friends, family, and fans! ♥

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